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Treatment for Halitosis

Updated on March 23, 2009

Treatment for Halitosis

Searches related to treatment for Halitosis often brings back two main types of results.

The first type is a common sense treatment for halitosis. The advice usually revolves around ideas on what foods to eat or not to eat; remembering to brush your teeth regularly; drinking water regularly to keep hydrated etc.

The second type is a product based treatment for halitosis. This may be a manufacturer of halitosis cures (physical product such as mouth washes or tablets) or information you can buy to learn how to treat bad breath.

If you are researching a treatment for halitosis, I assume that you’ve already done the common sense stuff any way and are still suffering from the problem. Yes, there are surprisingly a lot of people who don’t understand the basics of how our bodies work and don’t brush their teeth regularly so the build up of bacteria leads to bad breath.

Unfortunately, the majority of people who suffer with halitosis have already tried the regular advice of brushing, flossing, chewing mints, avoiding garlic and foods with strong odors etc but stil have the problem.

Therefore, this is the instance where a product based treatment is required.

Before you rush off to buy any products, you need to understand the root cause of the halitosis. This can be done in two ways:

1) Go and seek professional advice. i.e. see your dentist and have a check up to make sure you are not suffering from Gingivitis, cavities or other oral problems. One time I was having halitosis, I found out that it was due to my wisdom teeth coming through in an awkward direction thus causing inflammation around the gum. It eventually needed to be removed.

Also see your doctor This is because other health problems can cause Halitosis. e.g Diabetes, IBS, gastic ulcers etc.

2) The second way to find the root cause of halitosis is to spend time examining your own health. I genuinely recommend you follow way no.1 seek professional advice. However, I understand that sometimes not everyone is in a position where this is viable, so this alternative way is better than ignoring the problem altogether.

This is split into two parts. The oral exam and body exam.

The oral exam: Check to see if your gums look healthy. They should look pink and be firm. If yours are red, sensitive to touch and bleeding, you may possibly have gum disease.

Check your breath, is it always bad? Does it change depending on time of day? Check to see if there are any patterns so you can determine if it is to do with diet or not.

Look inside your mouth, are your tonsils coated? Inflammed? There could be issues with your tonsils or you may be producing tonsil stones producing volatile sulphur compounds creating bad breath.

The body exam: As well as bad breath, do you notice that you have body odour? Smell your clothes to find out. How have your bowel movements been lately? Irregular? Hard stool? Possible constipation? Low fibre diet? Dehydrated?

Appetite been strange? Some stomach pains? Hopefully no worms.

Please note this is by no means medical advice. Please be sensible and always seek professional help if you do suspect something suspicious.

So what’s the next step?

Once you have figured out where your bad breath originates from, you can then decide on what treatment for halitosis to get.

If the halitosis is of oral origin, you need to get a product that tackles the problem specifically. For example, OraMD is a product that treats gum disease.

If the halitosis is of body origin, you need to get a product that helps restore your body balance to rid of the bad breath. An example of such a product is Halitonic made by Native Remedies.

Please always to remember to deal with the root cause first.

e.g. if you have Diabetes and that is causing the halitosis, the answer is to stabilize your blood sugar levels to control the diabetes first, instead of eating mints continuously to mask the symptoms.

With so many products being advertised, it can be hard to figure out which ones to use. My research has lead me to believe the afore mentioned ones to be the better of the bunch. Make sure you do your research first.

You may find this site useful for research.

Good luck and hope you find your treatment soon.


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