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Treatment of Bicornuate Uterus

Updated on December 11, 2016

Bicornuate Uterus refers to a congenital uterine malformation in human beings. It is a result of an abnormal fusion of the tellurian ducts that lead to a uterus being divided into two “horns” that appears heart shaped and possess two cavities that are conjoined. It’s worth to note that normal uteruses have a single cavity. Despite the fact that women who suffer from Bicornuate Uterus have no trouble being able to conceive, they stand higher chances of miscarriages and premature birth. This is why it is important to contact a doctor for the treatment of bicornuate uterus.


It is rare to be able to tell that a woman suffers from a bicornuate uterus seeing it is not a painful ordeal and most women are only able to identify it during the normal routine scans as it looks uniquely different from normal wombs. Others are identified after recurrent miscarriages especially in their first trimesters and this is when the treatment of bicornuate uterus is called upon. Fluoroscopies, MRIs, and Ultrasounds are some of the ways this is achieved.


As a way to ensure the best results for a woman who suffers this condition, surgical intervention as a way of treatment of bicornuate uterus is always avoided especially when there are no reproductive difficulties suffered by the patient.

For women whose history of miscarriages are consistent with this condition and have no other fertility issues, the treatment of bicornuate uterus is recommended by the use of Laparoscopic stress man's metroplasty. It refers to the operation of choice by the patient under a doctor’s recommendation in an attempt to correct a bicornuate uterus by restoration of a normal uterine cavity with the goal of achieving better reproductive outcomes by the patient. It is advisable as a form of treatment of bicornuate uterus not only due to the fact that in most cases, pregnancy attempts can be made soon but also due to the fact that the prognosis for a pregnancy that is successful is impeccable.

There are those patients whose condition cannot be corrected via surgery for one reason or the other. The most advisable thing for them as a way of treatment of bicornuate uterus is by proper diet and exercise. Fertility Yoga and walking has been proven to maintain proper uterine positions well as raise the blood circulation in the uterus and balance the pregnant woman’s hormones. These can help curb high rates of miscarriage.


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