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Treatment of metatarsus varus, or pigeon toe - causes and information

Updated on October 7, 2013
Toes turned inward - metatarsus varus.
Toes turned inward - metatarsus varus.

Metatarsus Varus, or pigeon toe, is a condition where the toes turn inward. When walking, a person's toes face inward, which may cause discomfort. The condition is not caused by muscle weakness. Instead, it usually develops in infants when they are learning to walk.

A twisted shin bone is a common cause of pigeon toe.

Possible Causes

  • Abnormal curvation of the femoral head.
  • Twisted shin bone.
  • Twisted thigh bone.

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Metatarsus varus usually goes away on its own as a child develops and learns to walk. In rare cases, additional treatments may be required. Most of the treatments available involve lengthening the achilles tendon in some way. A doctor may advise the patient to wear casts or special walking shoes, which helps correct the condition.

These treatments are generally done before the child is twelve.

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