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Treatments for Gout

Updated on March 21, 2010

There are plenty of treatments for gout you can use to help you get rid of gout pain. Some of them can even help you prevent or reduce the severity of gout attacks.

What is Gout?

Gout is a joint disease in the arthritis family. It is very painful and is mostly caused by too much uric acid in the body. This extra uric acid crystallizes in the joints, most commonly the big toe. You can get gout even if your uric acid levels are normal due to your body being unable to process it properly. Which case you fall under can be determined by your doctor using a blood test.

Herbal Treatments for Gout

There are many herbal gout remedies. One of the most common is celery seed. This is a good remedy to try. You should avoid this if you have allergies to celery or you are pregnant. Other herbal treatments would be devil's claw and ginger root.

Home Treatments

Ice is one of several home remedies that some have tried with varying success. While it will provide temporary relief, you may regret using it. Studies show that cold extremities are more likely to have uric acid crystallize. The theory is that this is one of the reasons why gout attacks tend to start at night due to the inactivity and cooling down of your joints.

Another home treatment is baking soda. This is supposed to reduce the acidity of the blood. Some people swear by this. I have never tried it.

Closing Thoughts

There are plenty of treatments for gout you can try. First and foremost, however, consult your physician. Some of these treatments are not recommended depending on what other medical conditions you may have while some will work perfectly fine. Each case is patient dependent.


This site is meant as medical information only. This site is not meant to diagnose or treat conditions. Consult your physician for your best treatment options depending on your medical condition. I am not liable for any problems that may arise from whatever method you may choose.

Treating Gout by Eliminating Problematic Drugs

Medical Treatments for Gout

Modern medicine has a few methods to get rid of gout pain. One of these is prescription medications. Probably the main drug prescribed to prevent gout attacks is allopurinol. If you are currently having an attack, two of the main medications used are Indomethacin (Indocin) or Colchicine.

It is not uncommon if your physician puts you on allopurinol to prescribe indomethacin a long with it. When you first are on allopurinol there is a chance you could end up with a severe gout attack until your body gets used to the medications. This is the reason for the other prescription so you can treat the attack. Over time, the attacks should occur less and become less severe.

Over the Counter Gout Treatments

If you choose not to use prescription medicine, you can use over the counter drugs to help in the event of a gouty episode. You would want to target anti-inflammatory drugs such as Aleve, Motrin, or ibuprofen. Avoid taking aspirin as that can actually help bring on an attack.

Another thing to note is that taking acetaminophen type drugs such as Excedrin or Tylenol are not going to help much during a gout attack. Most of your gout pain is due to swelling and these will not reduce your swelling, whereas the NSAID drugs mentioned above are geared for reducing swelling.

Natural Treatments for Gout

There are several natural treatments for gout you can make part of your diet. Considerations would be eating foods high in vitamin C, potassium, fiber, anthocyanins, and low in purines. Basically, eat a healthy diet. Eat plenty of fruits such as bananas, grapes, pineapple, etc. A really good fruit is eating cherries for gout. It has all these properties.

The reason why foods with these properties are so important is because the underlying cause of gout is your body produces too much uric acid.  The reason for this is your body is in an acidic state.  When your body is too acidic, your body tries to balance itself by grabbing your stores of alkali properties such as potassium.  Therefore you need to replace the missing potassium so that you can neutralize the uric acid. 

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