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Treat yourself to a fast walk

Updated on October 1, 2015

Brisk walking for the treatment of heart disease and obesity

Brisk walking for the treatment of heart disease and obesity

In a new US study, which stated: that a simple mathematical system such as walking fast step hundred per minute, or a thousand step on the same pattern every ten minutes, or light calisthenics exercise 2.5 hours a week, helps to get rid of a lot of diseases resulting from obesity.

He advised study author, an assistant professor of exercise science of the University of San Diego who want to exercise, using a pedometer to ensure maximum effectiveness of the exercise brisk walking, pointing to the need to see if the heart rate rises sufficiently.

He also noted this researcher that the outline for the enjoyment of physical fitness has changed the fall of 2008, and instead of asking people exercise light for half an hour a day for five days a week at least, they were asked to spend 150 minutes a week to do it, because this period is sufficient consideration of health officials States United.

And ended researcher to say that it is possible to start a hundred-step increase that to three thousand in half an hour, but he added, "If you want to reduce your risk of cardiovascular exercise you can light only half an hour a day."

Walking to treat cancer and improve mood

Encourage many American Studies on walking because of their benefits, and the doctors see it to ward off several health risks, including reducing the incidence of breast cancer and to help Hennee sleep as evidenced by the latest studies.

She stressed Dr. Michel Luc Advisory in breast cancer association supervising the three days of walking program, specializing in sports medicine in San Diego, Calif., That the exercise of walking necessary for all they are athletes or non-athletes, pointing out that "the health benefits of which are particularly important for women. "

Rapid treatment of heart disease walk

Rapid treatment of heart disease walk

Recent studies in the University Medical Center "Duke" has shown that a brisk walk minutes every day for thirty lowers the metabolic syndrome Metabolic Syndrom It is a defect in the body's metabolism, causing the formation of grease inside the abdominal cavity, which raises the risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and angina . It is reported that there are 24 million US infected with the metabolic syndrome.

In the case difficult for the individual to find half an hour of walking, other studies need to advise the individual engage in certain activities. British studies have also shown that the activist movement operations, such as riding a bike to get to the desired destination connected to reduce the risk of heart disease by 11%, especially among women.

Walking reduces the risk of breast cancer

Walking for several hours a week reduces the risk of breast cancer, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Walking reduces the level of fat is the source of the hormone estrogen. The study, which was based on the author of 74 thousand women sample in the post-menopause between years 50 and 79 who enjoy normal weights at much less risk of breast cancer risk by 30 per cent, while the figure rises to 10 and 20 per cent among women with weight excess.

Walking treats sleep disorders

Walking treats sleep disorders

Studies revealed that brisk walking pm helps one to sleep Hennee according to the National Sleep Association. Researchers say the Walking stimulates the secretion of the hormone "serotonin" which improves mood and helps to relax, and that the rise in body temperature due to walk may stimulate the brain to reduce the body temperature subsequently helps to sleep.

Walking handles stresses the body by 65%

It is advisable to walk here relaxed and not rapid where the individual can move his hands and stop for a moment without putting a big weight and pressure on his feet during the operation. The results of a US study has indicated that there is an easy solution for people who do not tend to the movement and who complain of feeling stress all the time, a practice and a few light exercises.

Team at the University of Georgia have found that low-intensity exercise such as walking rotating light can enhance the energy levels by 20% and reduces fatigue by 65%. Says Tim Puetz, who helped conduct the study: "We believe a lot in the mostly that the performance of fast exercise will make us tired, especially when we are already stress, but made it clear that the exercise rotating can already go a long way in increasing the sense of energy, especially in people sedentary."

He studied Betz and a team under the supervision of Patrick O'Connor at the Laboratory of the private work out self University case, 36 people did not practice exercises on a regular basis and said that they always feel tired. And a section of these people into three groups. Exercise group exercised for a period of moderate intensity on bikes three times a week 20 minutes for six weeks and the second physical exercises similar but slower pace and the third did not do any exercises.

The researchers reported in the Journal of psychological and physical psychotherapy that the two sets of low density and moderate exercise has increased energy levels by 20% compared to those who do not practice exercises. To the surprise of researchers, they found that the group that has low density exercises talked about the best drop in fatigue than those who have more severe exercises.

Enjoy all the animals, especially the horses very strong muscles, and the proportion of disease has much less of human beings, it is because they exercise walking, running consistently fast, which contributes to preventable diseases!

Regular walking every day prolongs life!

Regular walking every day prolongs life!

The walking thirty minutes a day helps in burning calories. Several recent scientific research has pointed out that even people who may be exposed to health crises such as heart disease and diabetes in an advanced stage of their lives, they have opportunities to reach 100 years.

The study was based, led by experts from the University of "Boston", to make connections and assess the health of more than 500 women and 200 men have reached the age of 100, where they found that two-thirds of respondents of both sexes survived the injuries disease caused by aging, is that the remaining percentage who described "survivors "injured aging-related illnesses before the age of 85, including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, disease pressure. However, many of whom have continued their lives as well as with their peers from "healthy."

The study found that altogether the things the elderly men in this sample the best of the ladies category, Nearly three-quarters of the elderly proportion of men, able to take care of themselves without assistance such as bathing, dress wear, compared to one-third of the sample with the ladies. Experts believe that this is due to that men should enjoy excellent health condition originally to reach this age, and managed one of the study samples, elderly Rosa McGee to avoid chronic diseases currently stands at 104 years. She said in an interview with them in a house in Chicago Ngeltha "my habits to live in a beautiful, I do not take any medications, do not smoke or touch alcohol, did not do so at all."

However, the experts also believe that the genes carried by McGee where credit is due for its survival alive until now, as my father and mother lived until the age of 107 years and percent. Despite the importance of genes, but experts believe there are other factors which thanks to longevity. In a second study of the larger men in the seventies of the elderly age, overseen by experts from the University "Harvard" - and found that those who avoided smoking and lack of exercise and obesity and related diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, lived until the age of ninety.

However, the chances of living have fallen with the presence of each risk factor of the five above-mentioned factors, while we find that individuals who have symptoms of the five, the probability to live until the age of ninety does not exceed 4 per cent.

The study included 2357 men and their follow-up for a period of 25 years until his death, prefix so since they were in the age of seventy. The study found that 40 per cent of them reached the age of ninety, and 24 per cent of them have not been exposed to any of the previous five-mentioned risks.

Said Dr. Laurel Yates of the University "Harvard Brigham Hospital Ladies": it is no longer good luck, not genes, it's a lifestyle, it's not too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle such as walking and exercise, although the results of the study did not address whether the wait until the age of seventy for smoking cessation and weight reduction and exercise, it may prolong the life of the individual.

Walking is the specter of injury dementia

Walking is the specter of injury dementia

Several studies of the elderly have shown that walking for 45 minutes once a week, is the risk of Alzheimer's disease or senile dementia. But regardless of age, the walking helps sharpen memory and mind. Health experts say that walking may help reduce the deterioration of mental capacity and Alzheimer's disease among the elderly (70 years and above), according to an interview with proven scientific research. Explains the new discovery, which came in two different studies, the extent of physical exercises that the elderly should exercise to get the desired interest, as pointed out Bill Theis, vice president of medical and scientific affairs for the Alzheimer's Association. He said that the study says .. just walk all that is good for the heart may also be of the mind.

He spoke vice president of medical and scientific affairs for the Alzheimer's Association of America for his theory about the effect of walking on the intellectual abilities, saying that research on laboratory mice have shown that physical exercise may cut rates "amyloid" amyloid, a sticky protein substance envelop the brain of Alzheimer's patients. Physical exercise and also increase rates of hormones necessary for the production of nerve cells, as they increase the blood flow to the brain.

And added to that a second reference to a Dutch study that death rates decline among those who increased their intake of vegetables. The study found that elderly Europeans (aged 70 to 90 years) on the diet was based on a lot of eating fruits and vegetables, fish and olive oil, death rates have fallen, including 23 per cent for those who do not sweat a healthy diet.

And increased rates to high rates stood at 65 per cent among those who gathered between those diet and other health habits, such as moderate drinking (and best final left) and non-smoking next to the practice of physical exercise, including walking, for half an hour at least.

And I found a similar study involving 16 466 women between 70 to 81 years, that women who walked for an hour and a half a week has excelled in the test of the mental capacities of their counterparts on the least physically active. Find a writer, Jennifer Loaf, a researcher at the School of Public Health at Harvard University, said, "It is amazing to be accompanied by a modest effort, such as walking with many clear benefits."

Walking for 30 minutes protects bones

If a person walked for thirty minutes three times a week, the process of walking, which relies on the interaction of 95 per cent of the body's muscles are actually stimulate bone and strengthened so that it can withstand the pressure.


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