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Updated on June 30, 2014

Ever thought about Tree-changing

The way that we live our lives has changed dramatically over the decades and the way that we interact with our living spaces has changed even more. With the development of major cities the quest for personal space is becoming even harder to find.

Decades ago the dream was to have a house on a decent sized block in the suburbs where you could raise your family and enjoy a great quality of life. In many places though the suburbs are starting to look like the inner city with smaller and smaller high density dwellings, the cities are becoming clogged with high rise buildings made up of tine apartments and if you are interested in living on a decent sized block in a non-crowded suburb you need to live on the city fringes.

The traffic levels are, for the most part, adding hours to your day in terms of travel time and the smog and pollution are becoming worse. To see this for yourself, leave a city for the weekend and take notice of the haze as you drive back towards it.

A solution to this kind of life-style is the tree-change. A move to the country where you live in a smaller, quieter space, where you can enjoy the clean air, the quite and the relaxed lifestyle, where the daily commute can be through rolling farmland and your kids can play freely without the hazards of traffic.

Years ago this was a challenging lifestyle change to make, but with the increase of the number of people working from home, companies allowing staff to tele-commute and businesses relocating to regional areas, this is becoming far easier to achieve.

It''s all about taking the first step, doing you research, and determining if this lifestyle is for you. Not everyone succeeds at it, and from interviews that I have conducted, it is the lack of research and planning that have ultimately lead people to fail.

For those that make it and succeed it is the best decision that they say they have ever made and they could not comprehend the thought of moving back to the city.

A perfect tree-change town
A perfect tree-change town | Source


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