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Tremendous Health Benefits of Cord Blood

Updated on February 7, 2013
A child protected is a nation protected
A child protected is a nation protected

It may be news to many people that cord blood can be highly beneficial to children. Cord blood is collected when a pregnant mother delivers her child and when the umbilical cord is cut. A lot of research has gone into finding the benefits of this blood and it has been proved that this blood can protect the child's health in future.

The results of these researches including those conducted by the American Pregnancy Association have been gaining popularity in the recent years and so, many mothers have started opting for preserving this blood so that their children can benefit in future.

This is nothing but Stem Cell Therapy and this therapy can be used for curing as many as forty five diseases in children. Further, the cord blood collected at the time of birth of a child can be highly compatible to that particular child, much more than the blood of other relatives or that has been obtained by other unknown donors. Researches have confirmed that cord blood can be used to treat the health issues of other family members of the child also. There are indicators to prove that even the siblings of the child can benefit from this blood.

As the popularity of this concept is growing, many companies in the medical field have started providing storage facilities for cord blood. They are going even a step further and propagating this concept among expecting mothers. They educate these pregnant mothers that it is from the child's placenta that the umbilical cord gets its stem cells and that is the reason that these stem cells are genetically identical with the child. So, if, in future, the child needs stem cell transplantation for treatment of certain genetic disorders, there may not be any rejection if this cord blood is used for that purpose.

But, before storing the cord blood collected at the time of birth of a child, it should be tested for genetic problems. If defects are found in the blood, then there is no point in storing it

Since chances of a child needing stem cell transplantation are very less, cord blood can be donated to public banks so that it can be used for treating genetic health issues of other children or people.

Cord blood harvesting should be carefully done. At the time of birth of a child and when the umbilical cord is cut, a special needle is used for draining the blood. There may not be any pain for the child or for the mother. Once the blood is collected, the container is sent for storing it appropriately. Before that, the blood is tested to check if there are any genetic defects in it. The clinic will provide a test report also.

Expecting mothers should be careful while choosing a good company for cord blood preservation. The company should have the required approval from appropriate authorities. There will be a contract between the mothers and the company and the company will provide them with collection kits. Mothers should ensure that the kits are available with them when they deliver their babies. The hospital staff should be instructed to safely hand over the collected cord blood to the company concerned.


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    • cassandralea profile image

      Cassandra Lea Wilson 

      5 years ago from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

      Delayed cord clamping is the new push so that the baby gets her or his cord blood at the time of birth. Once the cord stops pulsing and becomes white, its safe to cut it.

    • dreamdamodar profile imageAUTHOR

      Raman Kuppuswamy 

      5 years ago from Chennai, India

      Expecting mothers will do well if they opt to collect cord blood when they deliver their babies. They can even donate this blood to public banks.


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