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Primary Writing Tremors Due to Manganese - Side Effects of Calcium Supplements- Manganism Poisoning & Toxicity Symptoms

Updated on October 29, 2016

High Calcium Side Effects and Side Effects of Too Much Manganese- Manganese Ore

High Calcium Side Effects and Side Effects of Too Much Manganese

Some people have developed tremors due to high levels of the element manganese in their bodies.

People who have suffered side effects such as this one usually get manganese from supplements or from their work environment. For example, fumes welders inhale sometimes contain this element.

High Calcium Side Effects and Side Effects of Too Much Manganese- Manganese Chip


High Calcium Side Effects and Side Effects of Too Much Manganese- Talk to Your Doctor

That is not to say that all dietary supplements will have high levels of this particular element, or contribute to an excess of it in your body. However, it does not hurt to speak with your doctor before you start taking a particular brand of supplements.

Likewise, if you notice that your skin, behavior or aspects of your physical health change after you make an alteration to your diet, you should consult with a physician.

High Calcium Side Effects and Side Effects of Too Much Manganese- Benefits Of Manganese

High Calcium Side Effects and Side Effects of Too Much Manganese- Change Your Diet

Many women and men take calcium supplements in order to help their bones and teeth healthy. If you want strong bones, this is not the only way to get them. You may be one of the persons who prefer to adjust your intake of unheated or heated fruit and vegetables in such a way that you get all of the calcium you need from what you eat daily.

Vitamin D Rich Foods - Vitamin D Natural Foods

High Calcium Side Effects and Side Effects of Too Much Manganese- Eat Calcium Rich Foods

This is one way to avoid trace metals such as manganese. In very small quantities, manganese actually helps the body. It plays a vital role in several important reactions and without it the body cannot function well.

However people have been found to develop psychiatric issues and have other problems involving their nervous system when taking an excess of it. You can avoid manganese in supplements by sticking to food sources that contain calcium. Green and leafy vegetables such as callaloo are good sources of calcium. Callaloo can be eaten steamed, added to soup or used as a stuffing with Jamaican style roasted fish.

High Calcium Side Effects and Side Effects of Too Much Manganese- Best Sources Of Calcium In Plant Foods

Calcium is also found in oranges and lots of other fruits. Enriched orange juice can be an additional source of calcium. Researchers have stated that the calcium in enriched orange juice is in a form that makes it easier for it to be utilized inside the body. This type is known as calcium citrate malate.

Vegan or Vegetarian Sources Of Calcium Other Than Milk

Calcium citrate malate has been shown to impede the loss of calcium from the spine. If you are a man or woman who is concerned about preventing osteoporosis, it would be helpful for you to have this type of orange juice if you are a regular juice drinker.

If you want to reduce your risk of developing tremors, this is one way to cut down on supplements that contain manganese but still get calcium in your diet.

Vitafusion Calcium Gummy Vitamins for Adults, 500mg, Creamy Swirled Fruits

Vitafusion Calcium Gummy Vitamins for Adults, 500mg, Creamy Swirled Fruits- Customer Reviews

" I take the fiber gummies, multi vitamin gummies, the B-Complex gummies, calcium gummies, and the omega 3 gummies. It's like eating a handful of gummy bears with breakfast."

"In an effort to wean myself off of my candy dish and in light of the fact that I have a Vitamin D deficiency, I bought these gummy vitamins, which happily have both Calcium and Vitamin D in plentiful amounts."


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    • jtrader profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Getting sunshine helps. Thanks!

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      I try to get as much sunshine as possible and eat a perfect meal daily to avoid health issue your hub is very useful and informative.


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