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Tribute to my grand mum ( aged 115)

Updated on April 8, 2010

Who else could earn this tribute but you, grand mum?

Some people wonder, does death lead to perfection?  This is because virtually in all tributes, such as this, the dead are usually extolled despite that no human is perfect. This case may not be an exception. However, I am not writing to extol my grand mother but to give her, with exactitude, the tribute she rightly earned. I left my family at a very early age consequently some people may argue that I do not know much about her. They maybe right because I did not even recognize her the first time I met her after many years. Yet, she called me by my name. Then I wondered, how she could recognize me when I was a baby the last time she saw me? My wonder was complicated many years later when I thought she was older and so would not recognize us. That was when I continually witnessed, in astonishment, as she did not only recognize us but she also, yearly, continued to call all of us and her great grand children by our names. It was then that I realized, she was a mother that knew all her own by their names. That was possible because she loved and cared about us.

Some people could say she was intractable but I know it could be when she would defend what she believed to be right. She and I had a mutual love, understanding, and affinity which made us always happy anytime we were together. She was always willing to give and share whatever she had with me. I know that others, even those that were not her relatives, benefited from her charitable character. She had a marvelous strength which was so evident in her prime. Her strength did not fail her in life such that an accident she had in her old age, which maimed one of her legs, could not stop her from walking and doing some things by herself. She was so strong and healthy that I could not recall being told she was sick except the period she died. Truly, this confirms that she was our epitome of strength, determination, and perseverance which runs in most of our veins. 

Mother! You were the point of our convergence and unity. I trust your departure would never lead to a moribund family. Oh!!! How could I forget those New Year eve’s you and me spent together alone and entered another year?  How could I forget your blessings of those early mornings? Who will now call me those numerous heroic names and praises which you call me to comfort and motivate me to move on in life? Many could say there is no need to cry because you died at an advanced age. They may be right but how can I accept your death with equanimity when you and me knew that you lived, prayed, hoped, and waited patiently for me? Mother!! Please tell me, why did you decide to leave now that I was given the podium? I did little for you as my mother because I spent most of my early life serving others. Mother!!! Please tell me, why did you have to go within this period that I came back to serve my own of which you are the head?

 Truly, honoring you at this time, with an exquisite mausoleum would never be enough to stop the grieve in my soul because I would have loved you to live and witness the reward and power of your blessings through your sincere petition to God. It is your kind of person that had made men to wish that life would last forever. I would willingly give you more lifespan from mine, if it had been possible. Yet, I have come to learn from my struggle in life that everything is for a reason. It is because of this simple truth that my joy will forever remain that you would be among the eponymous of this family where ever our history is told or written because via you came another root of David. My mother!! If I failed to tribute more to you and to mention more of your imperfection or perfection. Then it is because I was mesmerized by your sublime qualities which I witnessed and found it rare and worthy of emulation.

Please rest in peace as we hope to live in peace. I will never say good bye because you will forever live in my humble heart.

Your grand son

N. K. David


Author of the book

“It is time we truly know why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus”

Published by Author House UK Ltd.


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 6 years ago

      thanks suzie, she beautiful even at her old age.

    • suziecat7 profile image

      suziecat7 6 years ago from Asheville, NC

      What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady - thanks for sharing this.

    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 7 years ago

      Though am still single, I loved and cared for my grand mum as I would my child because see her as my first child. Most times we grow so old and get less stronger that we once again need people to take care of us like a child.