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Trichomonas infection

Updated on August 12, 2009


Trichomonas infection is one of the most commonly prevalent sexually transmitted diseases in the world and has other names such as std trichomoniasis,trich, trichomonas vaginitis or just trichomoniasis.This disease is caused by a microorganism called 'trichomonas vaginalis'which is a parasite in genitourinary tract that can remain inactive in persons without showing any symptoms for long periods.This disease when active in women is called vaginitis and when active in men it is called urethritis.This disease is usually contracted through sexual act but occasionally spreads due to other reasons such as shared bath tubs.Trichomonas infection acts as base for the easy and quick spreading of HIV infections.

Trichomoniasis or trichomonas infection is generally regarded as a women specific disease since men generally act as carriers of this disease and are rarely affected.When men are affected it hardly lasts for ten days causing

1.feeling of burning sensation in the genital tract after intercourse,

2.mild discharge from the penis

3.irritation and painful passing of urine.

This disease in men is usually self limiting and the symptoms vanish though the parasite remains in the genital tract without showing symptoms.

Trichomonas infection parasite in women is active during reproductive years but vanishes after menopause.The symptoms usually are

1.presence of foul smelling discharge from the vagina,

2.urge to urinate often,

3.vaginal itching causing redness and swelling,

4.lower abdominal pain.

These symptoms correspond and worsen during the menstrual periods.In women this disease affects the pregnancy by inducing premature birth resulting in underweight of the child.Sometimes the trichomonas infection disease parasite infects the child too if it is a girl.


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