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Trichotillomania (hair pulling) Disorder: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention

Updated on February 23, 2017

Hair Pulling Disorder

Hair pulling is a nervous condition, which causes an individual to pull strands of their hair out of their scalp by the root. This hair pulling condition is called trichotillomania (TTM), which is a nervous disorder that can become a very bad habit. Hair pulling is often diagnosed as OCD - obsessive compulsive disorder. This nervous condition may make the hair pulling individual think they are venting out a suppressed emotion. There may be different causes for each person with trichotillomania has for this particular nervous condition.

Trichotillomania Causes

Basically, the causes of this particular "obsessive compulsive disorder - OCD" may have the person to pull their hair due to “coping” with something they're going through.

Trichotillomania Symptoms

Trichotillomania is not a mental disorder, it is a nervous condition. Many years of hair pulling can lead to symptoms of permanent hair loss, and carpal tunnel syndrome in the fingers, hands and arms. This hair pulling condition can be prevented by reducing hidden stress.

Trichotillomania Prevention

  • Get counseling from a Christian adviser.
  • Exercise for 5-60 minutes daily.
  • Take probiotic supplements to prevent constipation (ask your doctor first).
  • Renewing your mind with spirituality (Christianity).
  • Join a group or activity that helps with the act of giving (donate time to charities).
  • Surround yourself with people that are a good influence.
  • Start a new hobby engage in a couple of hobby activities to prevent idle time.
  • Confront (face an unresolved problem), a person, or situation.
  • Write your thoughts in a diary or a daily journal.
  • Balance your serotonin with foods like bananas and B-vitamin foods.
  • Do volunteer work at a women's shelter, senior's center, or other facilities.
  • Play card games like Solitaire, Uno, etc.
  • Do deep breathing exercises; breathing into your nose and exhaling out of your mouth (10 breathing exercises daily).
  • Get 8 - 12 hours of sleep every night.
  • Take a 30 minute sleep in the day, if possible.
  • See a doctor or dermatologist for the hair pulling condition.
  • Obtain employment or start your own small business.

Trichotillomania OCD - is an anxiety disorder that is a negative behavior, and a repeated impulsive act. Individuals with trichotillomania have to resist this disorder with everything that they possibly can. It's possible to replace this negative habit with a few positive habits. Some people with trichotillomania keep the hair pulling a secret, and try to hide the symptoms and signs of it. And other people with trichotillomania want to desperately stop the hair pulling, he or she may go see a therapist or hypnotist. With therapy and/or hypnosis, the hair pulling person have to stay in therapy and repeat session of hypnosis, until the symptoms of the hair pulling has ceased.

Stop Hair Pulling

Other ways to stop trichotillomania (hair pulling) is to: visit a public library, go bowling, go skating, swimming, visit a museum, church, basically be in the public as much as possible. Also make a Personal Blog Post about your thoughts, and post pictures of your hair every 2 weeks on your personal blog (without wearing wigs). This will help you expose the problem and not hide it.

Constipation is one thing that can trigger trichotillomania urges.

To resist TTM, you have to be consistent with a hobby or activity, to avoid the hair pulling urges. Actually use many hair pulling preventions, and get to a doctor for proper and needed treatment. Trichotillomania (TTM) is a time-thief; it will steal your precious time if you allow it.

Pulling Out Your Hair Disorder Obsession

Most people that pull their hair out by the root are diagnosed with OCD obsessive compulsive disorder. OCD trichotillomania is a disorder that affects the nerves and sometimes the emotions. There are many tips that can help a person coping with the trichotillomania obsession which are:

  • Get 20 minutes or more sleep during the day.

  • 8 or more hours of sleep at night.

  • Employment or trade school, day or night.

  • Physical exercise 3-7 days a week, 20 minutes to 1 hour every morning.

  • Become obsessed with something positive that can bring you revenue.

  • Hobbies such as karaoke, crocheting, sewing, dancing, chores, drawing, painting, DIY projects.

  • Try to go a whole hour without pulling hair out, use a stopwatch or alarm.

  • Pat yourself on the back when you go an hour without trichotillomania episodes.

Try to avoid drama in your life, avoid thinking of bad things that happened to you in the past. Also try positive imagery when going to bed at night, think of things that happened to you that were good. Listen to inspiration music and motivational speakers. A couple of good motivation speakers to listen to on YouTube Terri Savelle Foy and Joel Osteen.

Speak into The Atmosphere

Saying self-affirmations and Bible verses to yourself really helps. Singing gospel songs aloud will help bring you out of this habit eventually, because nothing lasts forever.

Trichotillomania Recovery

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