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Trigosamine: A Joint Treatment Review, Benefits and Side Effects

Updated on August 11, 2012

Natural joint pain formulas like Trigosamine, which contain hyaluronate, glucosamine and chondroitin have been gaining popularity in recent years. Unlike NSAIDS, such as naproxin, aspirin and ibuprofen, which only temporarily mask pain and often lead to serious side effects, these compounds work together to promote pain relief through joint repair and lubrication.

Thousands of deaths occur each year from bleeding ulcers caused by these drugs. They may provide temporarily relief from joint pain and reduce swelling, but they have no ability to cure the condition. In fact they have been found to worsen it. They are also ineffective at slowing or stopping the enzymes responsible for cartilage damage. They also deplete folic acid, causing changes in body chemistry, which increases the risk of stroke and heart disease. Other nutrients depleted are sulfur and vitamin C which are both necessary for developing cartilage.

It is important to pinpoint and eliminate the causes of joint degeneration. Lifting heavy objects incorrectly can lead to chronic joint pain. Proper footwear is essential when standing for long periods of time. Shoes that have inadequate arch support strain the hips, back and knees.

Studies have shown that people who eat a more natural diet and avoid refined foods with additives reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. Reducing or eliminating saturated fats, high sugar foods, red meat, simple carbohydrates, caffeinated beverages and soft drinks will help to improve symptoms.

The three main ingredients hyaluronate, chondroitin and glucosamine found in Trigosamine are natural substances designed to promote healthy joints. As we age, the body's ability to produce adequate amounts of these substances decreases, which increases the risk of inflammation and injury.

The purpose of glucosamine is to build connective tissue. It contributes to joint lubrication and together with cartilage is acts as a cushion during physical activity. Glucosamine also has the ability to stop the enzyme responsible for joint damage and deterioration. Studies have shown that glucosamine supplements are more effective at reducing joint pain and inflammation than NSAIDS. Glucosamine goes beyond temporarily relieving pain, it works to repair the damage that is causing the pain.

Chondroitin is another substance essential to joint health. It increases the amount of moisture that can be held by the cartilage. Over fifty studies have been conducted to determine whether glucosamine would be more effective on its own or in combination with chondroitin.

In both mild and severe cases it was found that the two were more effective when combined. Hyaluronate is used by the body to produce synovial fluid or joint fluid necessary for proper lubrication of joints. Proper lubrication allows joints to move comfortably and smoothly over connected joints. Taking all three of these substances together maximizes absorption and increases overall effectiveness.

Side effects and drug interactions with hyaluronate, chondroitin and glucosamine have not been found at any dosage. Allergies to any of these compounds is rare. Glucosamine may be made from shellfish so if you have a shellfish allergy make sure you check product ingredients before you buy.

As with any natural treatment it is important to be patient because these compounds do not merely mask pain, they have the greater task of repairing damaged joints and that takes time. Studies have shown that the longer you use these compounds the greater your results will be. Because of the bodies decreasing ability to produce these substances naturally, it is recommended that a combination of glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronate be taken on an ongoing basis.


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    • profile image

      Fosamax Lawsuit 7 years ago

      And because this is all-natural, you won't become addicted to it as much as you would most popular pain killers. Great hub.

    • JulieCarlson profile image

      JulieCarlson 7 years ago from Chicagoland

      With an increase in the incidence of arthritis, natural joint formulas become more important. Thanks for the excellent information.