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The Trimester Stages Of Pregnancy

Updated on December 3, 2013

The whole term of pregnancy is usually split up into three broad sets of three months each and each of these is called a trimester. As each trimester progresses, there are certain broad changes that take place in a pregnant women’s body. Of course, many women, especially in their first pregnancy, tend to follow a week by week pregnancy guide diligently because everything is so new.

The First Trimester

During the first three months, what most people experience when it comes to pregnancy is morning sickness – for some, the nausea and vomiting can get so bad that it could make them bedridden. Even foods they loved before they got pregnant could make them turn green and want to throw up. The taste of food, even the smell of food can make the stomach churn. The other thing that most women notice is a certain tenderness of the nipples, a fuller feeling in the breasts, more frequent urination and maybe a bit of discolouration of the skin in various parts of the body. Don’t worry too much about this – it is caused by the hormonal changes and fades as the pregnancy progresses. You might also have unusual tastes – as long as your doctor is okay with it, go ahead and indulge yourself.


The Second Trimester

Your pregnancy is now going to show in these three months and you can’t hide it from the world – even the ones who tried to the first trimester. Your baby is now growing rapidly and obviously it is going to show. You might be urinating more often now and you might also have a few moments of discomfort. One thing many women experience during this trimester is a problem sleeping and this could be due to the hormonal changes. You could also experience restless leg syndrome. Just count the days and try to think of the day you’ll hold your baby in your arms and try to put the discomfort out of your mind. Some babies start kicking around this time. Of course, always keep your doctor in the know and never miss your appointments if you can. In a normal pregnancy, walking and swimming help to keep you fit. Try not to start any intensive or new exercise or workout programme – time enough after the baby is born.


The Third Trimester

Now is the time when you feel you are beginning to waddle rather than walk and it gets more like that as the last month starts. With the baby growing and the uterus pushing up on the diaphragm, you might get out of breath at times or even have a bit of acid reflux. You will most probably be attending prenatal classes at this time – at least if it is your first pregnancy – and you will also be learning exercises to make your birth more comfortable. Be careful not to exercise too much during this time – just make yourself as comfortable as you can. You might feel a lot more hungry because you are eating for two – but you should eat food that is nutritionally good. This is good for you and your baby rather than empty calories and junk food. Do everything slowly, sensibly, in moderation and if you don’t have any complications, you will go through this trimester very smoothly.



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      quaywards 7 years ago

      Thank you very much.

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      daisyjae 7 years ago from Canada

      Good hub, very well written.