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Triphala - The Popular Ayurveda Formula for Harmony and Health

Updated on December 26, 2015

Triphala - The Popular Ayurveda Formula for Harmony and Health

For thousands of years Ayurveda has been a traditional type of medicine that has been used in India and today it is used in various places across the world. This style of healing includes using an approach that is holistic and provides treatment for the entire being. There are many herbal formations that are used in Ayurveda, but one of the most popular ones that is still used today is Triphala. You'll find that this formation is actually formed from three different types of fruits and is well know for the amazing effects that it can have on the body.

3 Fruits Make Up Triphala

As was mentioned, there are three different types of fruits that are combined together to make up the Triphala, and each one of them have different properties that help with various aspects of healing. Here is a look at the three fruits and what they are used for.

- Terminalia Belercia - This fruit, also know as Bibhitaki, is known to help provide rejuvenation and it works to help the digestive system as well. The properties of this fruits are also used as a laxative, as a tonic, for antispasmodic purposes, and even as an astringent. It is well known for helping to cleanse the blood, the fat, and muscles and also clears parts of the body that may be clogged.

- Terminalia Chebula - This is a fruit that helps with digestion and is also a laxative. It also works to help strengthen the immune system and fight off disease and many feel that it helps to increase the length of life as well. It is a cleanser and the body absorbs it quickly and it is known to balance all doshas as well.

- Emblica Officinalis - This is a natural antioxidant that also helps to rejuvenate the system. It actually has more vitamin C in it that 20 oranges and it is known to calm all of the doshas. It works as an antacid, boosts the immune system, is a tonic, has anti aging properties, and also is very cooling. It can help to reduce body weight, make hair healthier, and also helps to lower cholesterol. Minerals that are contained in this fruit help to nourish the blood, skin, and the body.

Five Benefits of the Ayurvedic Formulation of Triphala

You'll find that the Ayurvedic formation Triphala comes with a variety of different benefits. The following are several of the key benefits that Triphala can provide those that use it regularly.

- Benefit #1 - Works as a Natural Laxative - One of the main benefits of Triphala is that it works as a natural laxative. When you only have 3 or less bowel movements in a weeks time, this is constipation and it is important that you avoid constipation. Instead of going with over the counter laxatives, using natural ones is more important and the ingredients in Triphala actually work as a natural laxative to help you avoid constipation.

- Benefit #2 - Cleans the Colon - Another benefit of Triphala is that it helps to clean out the colon as well. It is important that you have a healthy colon if you are going to stay healthy, so keeping it cleaned out and free of toxins is very important. Cleaning the colon using Triphala can help you lose weight, end problems with constipation, and can even help you to get rid of candida as well.

- Benefit #3 - Improves the Digestive System - You will find that there are a variety of excellent benefits to Triphala when it comes to your digestive system. It can help to get rid of abdominal pain, can treat irritable bowel syndrome, liver problems, problems with acid, constipation and more.

- Benefit #4 - Treats Urinary System Problems - There are a variety of different urinary system problems that can also be treated by Triphala. Urinary tract infections can be treated by it, since it helps to actually curb about any type of infection. Renal stones can also be treated effectively as well as pain when urinating.

- Benefit #5 - Deals with Issues with the Reproductive System - Even the reproductive system can be helped by taking the Triphala. Many men have problems with sexual endurance and Triphala can provide more endurance and can treat male reproductive diseases. Also, it is an aphrodisiac and can help make sperm stronger. For females it can help to treat problems with irregular periods, excessive bleeding, and even female dryness.

Ayurveda Continues Research on Triphala

As you can see, there are definitely many benefits to using Triphala, and although its' use traces back to Ayurvedic medicine, you'll find that it is often used by people today effectively. Even above and beyond all of these great benefits, you'll also find that newer studies are actually showing that it may be able to help treat people who are dealing with cancer as well. Much contemporary research is being done on this formulation of fruits and it not only is being studied regarding cancer, but in stress management, increasing radiation tolerance too. Although many benefits have already been found for Triphala, with current research that is going on, there is no doubt that there will be more benefits found in the future.

The Wonder of Triphala


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  • lyrad2008 profile image


    8 years ago

    I love your article about herbs...great so great

    I have here the best collection of herbal products

  • profile image

    Ayurvediques Massages 

    8 years ago

    Triphala is known as the king of fruits in Ayurveda due to its medicinal properties and easy availability. In India it is consumed in the form of pickles and raw as fruit.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Thank you for the great info and the video... finally get to see the real amazing fruits that has helped many people out there... ^_^

    Wishing you and everyone a very happy day ahead... ^_^

    Sincerely... Elfie


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