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Triple Your Weight Loss--To Good To Be True?

Updated on March 25, 2014
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I am a retired special needs teacher who still wants to learn. I enjoy researching and finding interesting facts to share in my writing.

A thistle flower as weight loss?

Well, here we go again with yet another pill to reduce fat. Dr. Oz stated you can triple your fat loss, “burning fat after meals with Meratrim and pomegranate.”

Meratrim is an all-natural fruit and flower formula. The fruit is from an evergreen fruit tree, purple mangosteen, grown in Southeast Asia. The flower is an herb called East India thistle. For years this flower has been used by Ayurvedic followers to treat weight gain and to help control blood sugar.

More benefits than weight loss

The University of California-Davis conducted a study on Meratrim in 2013. One hundred obese people were split into two groups. One group took 400mg of meratrim twice a day, while the other group took a placebo. All members stayed on a 2000 calorie diet and walked 30 minutes per day.

The meratrim group lost 11 pounds, 4.7 inches off their waistlines, improved their BMI (Body Mass Index) and reduced hip circumference. The placebo group lost 3.3 pounds and 2.4 inches off their waistlines. The study lasted 8-weeks. The meratrim group lost 4 pounds and 2 inches after two weeks. Judith Stern, ScD. reports, “There was rapid weight loss, particularly in the early weeks when people tend to get frustrated and give up on weight-loss efforts.”

There were other significant health benefits for the meratrim group: Total cholesterol was down 28.3mg with meratrim and only 11.5mg with placebo, Triglycerides down 68.1 with meratrim and down 40.8mg without, Fasting glucose improved 13.4mg with meratrim and only 7mg without.

Diet must also be followed

Dr. Oz wants dieters to switch some carbohydrates with more protein. This forces the body to burn more calories. Dr. Oz suggests a 3-step plan—take a meratrim supplement of 400mg twice a day, increase your protein and have a tablespoon of pomegranate vinegar after every meal. Pomegranate helps keep inflammation down and the vinegar helps regulate blood sugar levels,

Meratrim makes it harder for fat cells to multiply. It decreases the amount of fat that cells pick-up from the blood stream. This helps your body burn the fat cells that are already stored.

Dr. Stern did an additional study at universities in India. Dieters taking the thistle supplement had a 22% increase in the hormone adiponectin. This hormone decreases fat storage and increases fat burning.

There were no reported side effects. The recommended usage is 400mg before breakfast and 400mg before dinner. The total intake for the day should be 800mg.


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