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It's Not the End of the World if You Didn't Get Those Childhood Trophies

Updated on March 7, 2016

Large golden trophies adorned the window sills of the Rodriguez's humble abode. On each were a collection of two or three medallions; most gold, others a few colors in between.

It was interesting to see the display of trophies so proudly presented for all its visitors to see, making me think about the times I've ever received such an award.

There was that one time when I was part of the ROTC Drill Team and we won, but my own personal trophy?

There I was, staring at a whole row of golden mini statues, molded into awkward karate stances.

What did I have to show for all of the activities I've done in my past?

The most of my childhood rewards only chalked up to a substantial amount of lousy participation ribbons - you know, so no one felt like they lost.

The fact that I knew sports weren't going to be 'my thing' prompted a new channel of self discovery that future me would be all too thankful for.

I had a whole bunch of those to go around, one for every year I was in school.

In elementary, it was common for me to be bestowed the humble title of "alternate" when it came to races... Or anything else that involved actually moving around, come to think of it.

Of course, the lack of trophies in my home has become more amusing than annoying, but there was a time when this fact genuinely use to bother me. It seems all too ridiculous now, knowing that my physical activities have nothing to do with how successful I can become in life, but it doesn't change the fact the those lousy Gold plated trophies were something I saw as a reflection of my worth.

In other words, my elementary school mind saw these awards as a representation of how much the other kids would like me.

I was completely convinced that I wouldn't be as well liked if I wasn't some sort of special. Special in an athletic way, of course.

Those trophies were symbols of how much better you were at an activity than everyone else, in the whole school! I'm 99.9% sure this isn't how the school staff intended the children to see it, but it was my child like thought process!

Not being on the receiving end of any athletic medals of honor wasn't all aggravation and self reflection for me, though. The fact that I knew sports weren't going to be 'my thing' prompted a new channel of self discovery that future me would be all too thankful for.

Instead of being the best at long jumping, I channeled all my energies into things I could be good at; activities that I knew I would be able to enjoy for years to come.

Don't get me wrong, there is still and inkling of hope that one of these days I'll find a sports activity that I can be passionate about; this is more so I can actually enjoy going to the gym at some point in the near future, and has nothing to do with winning trophies.

For those that are worried about not being good at any physical activities, don't. Trust that you're not alone in lack of athletic abilities.

Thankfully there are other avenues of self expression to excel in, everyone just needs to find their own little niche.

Kind of bummed I won't be going to the Olympics any time soon though!

Little Kids Doing Awesome Things That I Could Never do in a Million Years!


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    • Tatiana Ho profile image

      Tatiana Ho 22 months ago from New York, New York

      Thanks Iz!

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      Iz 22 months ago

      Cool post