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Mysticism vs. Ignorance of Hard-Core Realism

Updated on October 11, 2018
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

It Takes Mind of a Mystic to See a Mystery in Every Flower, Every "Nothing"
It Takes Mind of a Mystic to See a Mystery in Every Flower, Every "Nothing"

Some Measure Weights with Yardsticks

While certain top minds of science have come to the pivotal realization about consciousness and its tools---intent and emotion--- as a neglected factor in the universal equation of energy, mass, speed, and time---there is still a massive number of those who stay anchored to the logic of Newtonian reality.

Their materialistic determinism and reductionism display this somewhat pathetic inclination to label everything that appears outside their paradigm-box as "mysticism"---while they don't seem to even know what the word means. Namely, even its superficial resemblance to its root-word "mystery" should point to them at something "not known or understood".

So, what do we call those who tend to sneer at something they don't know or understand? Foolish, right? There seems to be a whole tsunami of such minds in the turbulent seas of thought, badmouthing a realm of advanced consciousness where the most significant dynamic exists outside their scope of five senses.

It's truly pitiable that such hard-core "realists" base their realism on their limited perception---while they don't realize how their innate and acquired programs in brain's computer are giving all suchness to that perception.

Indeed, most of those Newtonian realists have no clue that those programs are co-creating with collective consciousness merely a version of a virtual reality that has very little to do with the factual state of everything at play. For, as the modern physicists contend: "There is much more happening than meets the eye of an observer."

The great majority of armchair philosophers might as well stick to their six pack of beer, maybe a joint, their football cheering, and a juicy hamburger---while leaving deeper thinking to those who are more equipped for that diving.

If anything, they should stay clear of those concepts that are too much for them to grasp, because it might ask them to empty much more from their minds to make room for the new--- than they are willing to sacrifice.

There Is Nothing to Learn about Mysticism---Just to Experience
There Is Nothing to Learn about Mysticism---Just to Experience

Just Sharing---Not Lecturing

Now, in my "literary opus" of various articles I have been trying to inspire readers with a world of intellectual non-conformism, personal sovereignty, a spiritual adventurism detached from the sterile logicalness of historically chronic and misery-producing brainwashing.

Not being a Shakespeare when it's about my writing skill, I am not writing for readers whose literary taste would only insist upon Shakespearean style. In a metaphorical sense, it doesn't really take a gourmet dish to satisfy a person's appetite for something new on their plate.

Furthermore, my articles are not a "lecture" about that "new", but simply an acknowledgement that such "new" exists. Readers are not faced with "do or die" choice, as nothing in my sharing is of a normative sort. Meaning that those who don't see it as inspirational can junk it---they don't have to oppose it.

After all, we don't come to a shoe-store and confront the clerk "why he doesn't keep our style of shoes"---we peacefully walk out and look for a store that carries them. But then, of course, that would only be a logic of those who are not programmed to look for an excuse to vent out their inner conflicts.

We are not writing some scientific papers good enough for a prestigious scientific journal on these websites, so nothing in my articles is insisting to be universally true. Readers may have noticed that I never use crutches of persuasion like "references" to some brainiacs in the culture market. What I say are my own mind's constructs---like a poem. Like it or don't.

An apparent paradox being, that it's impossible to go against the grain without it superficially looking like a "conflict". Even if the "new" means serenity, peace, love, sovereign inner freedom---it may be characterized as a conflict to someone who is programmed to see everything through the prism of a conflict.

In the Vast Space of Deafness No One Is Listening
In the Vast Space of Deafness No One Is Listening

Barking at the Moon---National Pastime

However, the focal point of this article is not gravitating around my literary opus, but rather it's about this reluctance of so many folks to consider changing the very technology of thinking which might derail them from the non-rewarding groove.

This impetus in the new direction can only come from divorcing our spirituality, our awakened consciousness from our automatic pilot maintaining a robotic slavery to the programs instilled by the society. It's about using our own minds, folks. Although most of us would readily swear that we already are doing it, the illusion could be illustrated by our running backwards in a speeding train and believing that we are running in opposite direction from the train's motion.

Let's say a few words about ignorance. In my vocabulary it doesn't mean anything downgrading, but, as the root of the Greek word suggests, it's denoting "not knowing". There is nothing embarrassing about it. For example, I am completely ignorant in computer science, and I could add several dozen fields and professions to my "lot of ignorance".

Thus, this article is not about people being ignorant about mysticism, but being foolish in their hard-core "realism"---quick to criticize something which they are ignorant about. Trying to debunk it without first being able to grasp its meaning would be like barking at the moon for sake of barking itself.

Such foolish behavior was the main theme of my recent article as it was depicting people's futile protests against things in which they had no control whatsoever. It boils down to the same kind of barking at the moon as with barking at mysticism.

I was pointing at people's most probable personality issues which are finding their energy discharging outlet in political arena. Just like with mysticism---where they don't know all angles and finesses of an out-of-box thinking technology---they don't have a clue about what is involved in running a government, with all its economic, political, and social aspects.

Folks like that are neither familiar with mysticism nor politics, but they may feel called upon to protest just for sake of protesting, because those inner conflicts are seeking their exteriorization. That's foolishness, and I won't even call it "insanity" like Einstein does in his definition of it: "It's insane to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result".

After you smash a couple of windows, and burn a couple of cars, and beat up a few followers of opposite party---with nothing changing as the result of it---what's the sense in smashing some more windows, burning some more cars, and beating up some more of those folks who, by the way, only use the same right to have an opinion as you do.

Really, do we need an Einstein to call it "insane"?

In the World of Mysticism Nothing Is as It Appears to Be
In the World of Mysticism Nothing Is as It Appears to Be

What Is True Mysticism?

So, what's mysticism to do with all that, you may ask. Everything, without my having to mention it. For, our inclination to perpetuate a conflict just for sake of being in conflict calls for junking something in our very technology of producing mental constructs.

I am not advocating Gandhi's passive resistance, but it can show you that even a mighty empire can be defeated without bitching and parading around with slogans of disagreements. People accomplish more by settling down, and from that frame of mind deciding what kind of leaders they want.

Otherwise, a massive mindset of conflict will forever keep bringing new and new reasons for a conflict---and history is providing ample proofs of that. When it comes to electing a "lesser of two evils", we might as well refuse to vote. Such philosophy is not coming from a "timid thinking" but an effective mysticism.

Mysticism, true mysticism is about exploring those unused resources in our potential---not an esoteric nonsense oftentimes attached to much ridiculed New Age movement. When you honestly think about it, even that movement is a breath of fresh air when compared to the stinky swamps of a historically persistent paradigm that refuses to die of its own weight.

I am talking about a mind-style that keeps repeating every crappy aspect of its conflict-producing repertoire---from those personal emotional issues all the way to wars. Even medicine is in that game while married to the Big Pharma, and focusing on "what could go wrong with us"---instead of "what could go right with us".

Namely, in the spirit of the so called "progressive medicine" and "epigenetic biology" the accent is on the enormous role that mind is playing in the level of our vitality and general wellbeing. And yet, the mainstream medicine practice is still fishing in the murky waters of "what could go wrong with us".

So, should we boycott hospitals? Of course not. What we should do instead is nurturing a heathy, non-conflicting attitude as a cornerstone of a sound stress management---so we won't need our doctors for other than delivering babies and patching up our injuries.

That's mysticism, my friends. This exploring of new models in our psycho-physical functioning that may carry a seed of a better individual life as well as quality of our coexistence.

Well, to implement something radically new, we have to become new. And to become new, we have to shed that which we are not. And nothing can illustrate it better than the anecdote of Michelangelo being asked "how he sculptured David". The great sculptor said:

"Quite simply. I took a granite block and chipped off everything that was not David". Something to think about, folks.


Please, see the video below to find some more inspirational words about the core of true mysticism, which is inner harmony and peace with ourselves and our world.

Inner Peace: The Highest Goal


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    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      20 months ago from Canada

      Dana---In most of the cases it's totally futile to give another response to such folks, but in my case it's a sheer matter of playfulness.

      While I honestly don't care who comes out as a "winner", it's fun for a while to kick the crap back and forth just to see how it goes. I used to do it a lot in Questions and Answers, pulling the leg of those whom I considered to be less-than-true Christians---judging by their defensive investment of their ego. But then, we have to know when to stop the fun, so I disappeared from that "stadium of outsmarting".

      If I was the kind of person who enjoyed "taking home intellectual trophies" from such "sport events" then I would be contradicting most of my articles.

      Indeed, it's O.K. with me if people try to sway me to their way of thinking; they have a right to say anything they want. I can't give myself freedom if I don't respect theirs. We are merely expressing ourselves here, not lecturing---and if anybody wants to lecture---I'll just play along for a while and it's O.K.

      I am glad you noticed all this going on.

    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 

      20 months ago from LOS ANGELES

      There are many people who don't want to be challenged or think outside of the box. History has shown us that people would rather kill you than have you challenge their way of thinking.

      Even though as writers we must expect people to give their opinion on the topics we write about I laugh at the ones who give their opinion, then you comment to their opinion, now their back commenting to your comment- next, it's almost as if someone is badgering you and becoming angry because they cannot force their version of truth on you.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      20 months ago from Canada

      MizBejabbers---I am willing to agree with you and laugh with you at the irony of it; except that we would have to define what exactly was "superstition" and what was the "mainstream thinking" when both you and I were young.

      If you think of Santa Claus, boogie-man, fortune-telling, horoscope, bad witches...and stuff like that---it has stayed superstition, it's not called "progressive spirituality" these days.

      Real progressive spirituality of both those and these days has to do with man's meditative sinking into his essence, stripped of his social self-image in a search of those unexplored aspects of his unused potential.

      For example, when someone masters their self-hypnotic ability to alter their psycho-physical model of functioning, to consciously choose their emotions, attitudes, and so achieve a quantum leap in personal evolution---that would be "progressive spirituality". That "spirit" part of the word has nothing to do with "ghosts", but with their spirit=consciousness as it is detached from their automatisms of mental and physical functioning.

      Likewise, if someone would practice a consciously propelled mental discipline that would result with the same, I would call it "progressive spirituality".

      On a very modest scale, I would count myself into that group with my trained ability to produce blissfulness ( and couple other things) at will at almost any time, regardless of the lack of any outside stimuli---while the most of folks are still yearning for some "favorable circumstances to "make them happy".

      On the other hand, what used to be "common sense" has been debunked by the progressive science in many ways. "Mainstream medicine" relying on scalpel and chemicals is rapidly collapsing under the weight of new evidence about the mind's role (stress) in the level of vitality--- and alternative modalities.

      "Mainstream genetics" is backing up pushed by new insights in epigenetics. "Mainstream archaeology" is hurting big time with dates of artifacts and ancient architecture being pushed back more and more in time, with many "facts" becoming questionable.

      It's a painful process because allowing the evidence to become "official" might shake the fundaments of every organized religion in existence.

      As for the rest, it may be a matter of playing with words---whether we choose to call the old schools "scientific superstition" or whatever. Name-calling comes easy.

      But yes, times are changing, more and more people are changing, or have already been born different from the main populace that is bound to spend the rest of their lives within their comfort zone, not even knowing that there is something different available.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 

      20 months ago from Beautiful South

      Here's what I find really funny, or ironic: What was called "superstition" or "ignorance" when I was a child is now progressive spirituality, and what was accepted mainstream belief then is starting to become superstition or based upon ignorance.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      20 months ago from Canada

      MizBejabbers---You are so right. Judging by the daily news, those who are making them seem to be frozen in history and its limitations. Like someone said in their book---we could compare it to having over hundred available TV channels, but watching only a few which fit well into our limited taste.

      With something like brain plasticity being biologically available to us, we could junk our comfort zone and start from scratch building new neural pathways, create new patterns of experiencing---becoming new, and as a result generate a new intimate and outside reality that would be more rewarding to us and to everyone we touch with our life.

      But, well, old habits are hard to break.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 

      20 months ago from Beautiful South

      Kind of neat thinking, Vlad. Kind of like a friend who told me that she didn't want to explore any kind of thinking outside her own 2,000-year-old religion because it would make her question her established beliefs. Some people can't be moved from their comfort zones. Too bad some people's comfort zones include violence.


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