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Truestar Health

Updated on November 23, 2011

Truestar Health

Truestar Health Products: North America's #1 Rated Multivitamins.

Be it Energy, Wellness, Healthy Aging, Sports Nutrition or Weight Loss, we have everything. :) I recently found out about this company around 2 weeks ago and joined in. So now I am a Wellness Consultant. :) I use TrueDigest (for my ulcer and indigestion probs), TrueD (because I am only 15/150 calculation when I last went for a doctors checkup), but what I like the most is called TrueDetox (helps improve my liver and bowel movements and I get to be more energetic nowadays). :) The launch is still early so not a lot of people know about this company yet but it is gaining popularity over the Nutrition Market. I've noticed that for a company that does Multilevel Marketing, its better to get in early than later and I was right.

Tim Mulcahy - one of North America's leading direct sales entrepreneurs owns the company. He also co-founded Ontario Energy Savings Corporation which is now a 1.5 billion dollar company and U Weight Loss.

What I find more exciting and fun about this is you can actually COMPARE your vitamins in this site, before I always use "Natural Factors Women's Multistart" comparing that to Truestar, it was 3.5/5. It's not that bad but it wasn't that good either so of course I've changed by multivitamins brand. :)

This is the link for you to see what vitamins we carry:


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