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Truth About Six Pack Abs

Updated on January 14, 2010

Overview of the eBook and Program

Contrary to the name, The Truth About Six Pack abs is an 149 page eBook that teaches dieters more than just how to get a ripped washboard stomach. Misleading as the title of the program may be, the eBook goes into great detail on how eating and good old fashioned exercising is the only way to really achieve a leaner healthier body. The ebook also has theories that we will discuss throughout this hub as I found some to be very fascinating.

First Few Chapters

These chapters really seemed to exist to set expectation and teach about numerous topics including why processed foods are bad and the differences between factory raised animal meat and free range grass fed animal meat.

I was really intrigued about the differences in meat quality and proteins. After watching movies like Food Inc and other episodes on TV that discuss animal rights it changed the way I looked at the meats I eat . Mike's take on this subject really put it into perspective for me. Essentially, Mike made a point about how factory animals are fed absurd amounts of hormones, steroids, and man made food to allow the animal to grow fast enough for slaughter and production. It really makes sense that animal meats manufactured in this fashion can not be as beneficial to our bodies as meat from animals that are fed food from their normal diet and not injected with the aforementioned things.

Although I'm not a vegetarian and don't see myself becoming one, even after watching Morgan Spulocks' 30 Days on animal rights, I do care about the quality of meats I consume and the eBook did provide a URL for a website that sells high quality, grass fed meats.

Other subjects including High Fructose Corn Syrup, Trans Fats, and more are also covered in these chapters of the book.

Meal Plans and Foods

On the program a dieter can expect to eat 6 times a day.  That's 6 nutritionally balanced and portioned meals.  Example times are provided but it's up to the dieter to adopt their own feeding schedule since this type of category is not a "one size fits all".  Sample meal plans are provided including 72 meal ideas.  The good thing about this is once you have your meal times as a habit, there are literally dozens of healthy recipes that can be found online by searching in your search engine of choice.  The foods listed in the eBook are pretty easy to make i.e. chicken breast, eggs, etc.

Other sections of the book discuss how to get the most out of your nutrition plan to get the most from your workouts.


The workout portion is good for beginners all the way to advanced users.  Many of the exercises recommended are not your average gym routines and seem to be very effective and promoting weight loss and muscle toning.  I have not tried the exercises just yet but plan on incorporating some into my own routine.  I will come back and give more feedback in this area once I've had a chance to try some for a few weeks.

This section also provides a large amount of routines that only involve your own body weight with no equipment so there literally are no excuses for not exercising. 

About Abdominal Exercises

This portion of the book give a diagram of the ab muscles and explains exactly how they work. Dozens of example exercises are provided including several that you should avoid at all costs. There were several exercises I discovered I was doing incorrectly and will be eliminating from my routine.  Also to my surprise, Mike actually recommends in the book to focus on entire body workouts rather than just abs to ge the most success from your weight loss efforts.

Truth About Six Pack Abs Table of Contents


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