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Try Natural acne solutions

Updated on April 13, 2015

If you are suffering from acne and looking for natural acne solutions then you are at right place as here I am sharing my personal experience with you to overcome this problem. For many years I was suffering from acne and was just irritated with products which didn't help me. Dermatologist gave me the drugs like sodium sulfacetamide, doxycycline and erythromycin.

These drugs only resulted in making my skin worst, antibiotics are also not good for body as they destroy good as well as bad bacteria too in the body, which weakens your immune system.


Due to these I became frustrated and I went back to know more about using minerals and herbs for acne treatments.

Finally I got to know about some natural treatments published in medical journals and these remedies had been tested in clinical studies also. By taking these vitamins and with some changes in my diet, my skin is clear now.

For the best natural acne solutions just by follow these simple tips you can manage from within the contours of your own home.


Manage your diet

Acne is aggravated by oily and fatty foods, known from scientific studies, so the best solution for acne problem in a natural way is to configure your diet consequently. Avoid all sorts of junk foods, sugar items, oily foods, milk products and you should include vegetables and fruits in your diet.


Keep yourself relaxed

Over stress and lack of sleep cause hormonal imbalances that ultimately lead to acne. Hence the most excellent solution for acne is to keep you de-stressed or relaxed. Before going to the bed, taking a long shower not only relaxes your body and mind, but also cleans the skin and hair, which is also very important as acne solution.


Clean your skin

The simplest and the best treatment for acne are cleaning the skin with proper soap and a soft brush on a daily basis as it will help to remove the dirt from the pores. For normal skin types, cleansing once in a day will serve the purpose but person’s having oily skin should opt for facial cleansing twice a day.


Drink lot of water

Beside those drinking lots of water helps you to overcome lots of health related issues. If you are not providing your body with sufficient water, it will make every effort in vain that you have done for your body so drinking sufficient water is really one of the natural acne solutions that you are searching for.

Just try these natural remedies and say good bye to your acne problems. It’s healthier to attempt natural acne solutions instead of drugs due to some reasons like natural acne supplements are generally less expensive than drugs and they have not more side effects as compared to drugs. Dermatologist keep researching drugs for acne treatment reason being most drugs are not efficient for most people. It may require lots of experiment to stumble on what in fact works for you, so try some natural acne treatments.


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