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Trying to quit smoking but failing! Have You Tried This?

Updated on August 20, 2014

Give up Cigarettes, Cut Down, Stop, Still Craving? Try This Fool-Proof Method & Quit Now

By Dale Ovenstone Updated 2012

Many smokers have battled with the idea of quitting for years but so far have failed in many attempts, & what I am about to reveal to you here has enabled some to kick the habit altogether although some folk choose to cut right down on their smoking habit for the longest period of time ever. & without any stress of self punishment either!

All this is possible because of ‘awareness & choice, when one is actually, physically ‘smoking’ a cigarette.

You see, some of these folk that use this technique do enjoy a cigarette now & then so they have decided to cut right down & only smoke now & then.

& by ‘becoming aware of this very statement above, each & every time they light up & begin to smoke’ has enabled them to install a certain mental trigger which automatically reminds them of this fact, & believe it or not, their desire to actually smoke has waned over time, allowing many to cut down altogether with longer time allowances in between each cigarette they choose to smoke.

And if your thinking of quitting the habit or cutting down let me explain how this method works & it is then up to you to use the information to control your own addiction.

But first of all, no matter how hard you try to quit smoking, you have to make a decision to yourself & stick to it every time you have the urge or the craving to smoke, you have to want to stop smoking! Otherwise, you will fail all of your attempts! This is the most important factor you will ever need to aid you to stop smoking cigarettes.

Here is the usual scenario.

‘One’ craves a cigarette, so ‘one’ would light one up & puff away to their hearts content, without too much consideration towards ‘why am I REALLY smoking this thing for.’

& the reason for ‘not asking yourself this question’ when you are actually smoking a cigarette is, because ‘the idea & the action of smoking a cigarette has become a normal habit over time through repetition’ so the mental & physical action when one craves, or desires, a cigarette becomes ‘automatic & without question.’ & in your mind smoking this cigarette is ‘accepted without compromise.’

Smoking has become an automatic process because of ‘repetition of smoking’ (meaning, you have gradually gotten used to the habit of smoking, over a period of time, so in affect, you have formed a habit through repetition) without considering the affects it has on health & pocket thus creating a ‘strong habit’ (desire to smoke) & although you can sometimes kick yourself when you see how full your ashtray is at the end of the evening, or the next morning, you just shake your head & promise yourself you’ll do better next time to give up, or to even quit!

Does this idea make sense to you so far?

As you know, first you must have your own plan of action & methods to want to stop. I won’t go into any of your own personal reasons for you to want to give up because only you know this.

1: So you have made your own decision to cut down or to give up altogether?

2: I would advise you not to stop ‘cold turkey’ because your mind & body may create havoc within your ability to give up your habit.

3: Next time you light up your cigarette don’t just smoke it all then become ‘disgusted with yourself later’ for letting yourself down, instead, as you draw in that very first puff you must now become aware of, & feel the smoke passing through your throat & into your lungs. Make the idea through awareness to take special notice of this sensation & then start to analyze your reasons & question yourself on why you are actually smoking this cigarette.

4: Revert back to your own personal reasons, the reasons why you made your decisions to stop smoking, or even cutting down, in the first place.

Over time, if not sooner, you will create your own mental trigger concerning how you want to smoke, or even to quit. You may begin to light up that cigarette then draw in a puff or two, then, without thinking, or too much consideration, you will quite possibly become compelled to douse out the remainder of your smoke.

And believe it or not, your desire for smoking (your foul habit will change to a good smoke free habit) will gently wane away over a period of time! Eventually, physically & emotionally, your body will get used to it. But before this can happen, follow the steps above. Each & every time you light up, TAKE NOTICE & become aware of the sensation of smoking & how it makes you feel.

REMIND YOURSELF of the reasons you want to quit.

Shop at! & find some amazing downloadable Mp3s to help you quit once & for all

Good luck on your non smoking cessation. Please share your ideas in the comment box below. Regards. Dale Ovenstone.


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    • Inspired to write profile image

      Dale J Ovenstone 4 years ago from Wales UK

      Thank you for your comment, I like your idea of distraction, making excuses for wanting to not smoke when one feels the urge.

      Unfortunately, I have not completely stopped as of yet, but I am aware

      Regards Dale

    • idealog profile image

      idealog 4 years ago from Chennai

      I quit smoking cold turky after making some four attempts abstaining for a day to a week, I agree that the best way to quit is enhancing self awareness.

      Just to mention I also found a list of worthy distractions that I listed for myself when urged for worked of it was taking long walks.

    • Inspired to write profile image

      Dale J Ovenstone 5 years ago from Wales UK

      jacqui2011m I found that, as many times as I tried before, deep in the back of my mind, my subconscious agreed that 'I really enjoy a cigarette' I think this stopped me all this time.

      Now, I made a decision, & this is what I done. 'I don't enjoy a cigarette, it stinks, it is totally bad for my health' so my decision is to not to reach for the cigarette because I chose not to like smoking, if this makes sense, anyway, don't stop trying.

      Regards Dale

    • jacqui2011 profile image

      jacqui2011 5 years ago from Norfolk, UK

      I will definitely give this a go. I had quit for almost 15 years and went back to smoking 4 years ago after a messy split from my husband. It is worth a go, because I really do want to quit. Thanks for the advice.

    • Inspired to write profile image

      Dale J Ovenstone 6 years ago from Wales UK

      Give it a go Peter. At least when you are conscious of your smoking whilst smoking, you will tend to smoke a little less for it, & that's got to be a good thing.

    • Peter Owen profile image

      Peter Owen 6 years ago from West Hempstead, NY

      I'll try it. I've tried everything else over the years to no avail. These cigarettes are killing me, though isn't that what addiction is all about