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Trying To Conceive a Baby - This Can Help You Conceive a Baby.

Updated on August 11, 2017

Conceive a Baby!

One way to increase your odds when trying to conceive a baby is to be sure your having lots of sex during your most fertile time of your cycle. The few days just prior to, during and after your ovulation cycle. Since sperm can live in your body for upwards of five days, but an unfertilized egg dies after one day, you really increase the likeliness of having his sperm and your egg join by having lots of sex just before ovulation.

Do you know when you're starting to ovulate? Whenever your menstrual cycle is regular, and occurs systematically anywhere from 21 to 35 days apart, you'll be able to use an ovulation calculator to see when you're the most fertile.

Merely by checking for the physical signs of fertility, you'll get more precise results, even if your cycle varies somewhat from month to month. You'll be able to track your fertility by charting your Basal Body Temperature (BBT), and Cervical Fluid.

To monitor your BBT, take your temperature orally with a BBT thermometer in the morning before getting out of bed and chart the readings. A BBT thermometer only read's temperatures between 96 to 100 degrees F. and will observe very little changes in your temperature. Just about all women have a BBT of 96 to 98 degrees typically prior to ovulation and 97 to 99 after ovulation has started.

Cervical discharge, occasionally called cervical mucus secretion, is made by the lining of your cervical epithelial duct and can change in consistency, color, and amount based on where you're in your monthly cycle. When it's close to the time of ovulation, you're cervical mucus secretion will change so to better permit the transfer of the swimming sperm into your cervix. These are the 2 most crucial changes to keep an eye on while trying to conceive a baby.


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    • helptobepregnant profile image

      helptobepregnant 4 years ago from UK

      There's chinese meds and herbs that will help too. I took a combination of Vitex and Milk Thistle to help me.

    • profile image

      Gill 5 years ago

      What kind tablets i can use tn fertilizing me so that i can order at the nearest pharmecy