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Tuning the Law of Attraction

Updated on March 7, 2016

Becoming in Tune with Ourselves

Continued from Making the Law of Attraction work for you.

That belief is how love interacts with people and the world around you. By adding this, you will be eliminating unwanted things or change the way you behave towards others, regardless of how you currently feel about them. Love is the missing key thus far in our practice and as practitioners of the Law of Attraction, we must vibrate absolute love and respect towards all life because it is a vital part of the law. Therefore, it is crucial towards the creation of the things we desire in this life. Although this concept isn’t difficult to understand, it is difficult to put into practice for many people because they never let go of the past.

Our relationships with some people are difficult because attitudes or previous events from the past tend to dictate behavior towards them. However, there are three things you can start eliminating today to make those associations more pleasing to you. These are hate, profane speech, and violence. Hatred or ill will towards others is a learned behavior that causes insecurity within us. Like hate, profane speech is also learned and needs to be eliminated because when using profane speech we cause uneasiness in the flow of communication. Violence is the use of force that violates not only the Law of Attraction but also the Law of Nature at the same time. Violence can never be tolerated by you or the people you choose to have around you. All three behaviors are learned and can be unlearned or trained out of you for the benefit of all humankind. For those who seek to use the Law of Attraction love must permeate your entire existence if you want the power of the law to work for you.

When you are disconnected from love, it is the equivalent of blocking the good from entering your life. Hate, violence, profane speech, greed, competitiveness, forceful behavior, rudeness, and all forms of ugliness must be eliminated from your life. The true seeker will empower all those that surround them by bringing beauty into their lives. She or he will be a positive influence who does not compete in any way since she or he is creating by multiplying what is available and not taking from someone else’s inheritance or rightful share. The person who practices the way of love will certainly get everything they deserve and more because the way of fulfillment is unblocked.

For the capitalist it may seem a strange idea not to compete but what is here is for your increase, not to decrease the amount others have. Your business is to create more and, therefore, have more, but when you seek to take away from someone else or some other business you only start a competition that takes away instead of expanding into more. Therefore, a business person who wants to have more sets their goals toward providing more for their customers. Better ideas, service, professionalism and new products will always bring customers into your business. Lowering your prices may do this too, but the result is that you force your competition to compete with your business by lowering their prices and ruins your market and opportunities. So the business person is to seek to create more without competition if they truly want to control their fate and stay in business.

For everyone, it is when you are not feeling the power of love that you break from your connection with the life source that is the Law of Attraction. In all you do, truth, beauty, and love must show through to all you come in contact with in your daily routine. It is good common sense that you would rather surround yourself with people that are beautiful and honest, than people that are ugly and profane. It is an easy concept to understand and easy to employ in all you do. Look at everyone as a sister or brother with a pure heart, treat them honestly, being fair in all your dealings, and seeking to increase their rightful place while increasing yours as well. Cooperate with life by being positive and loving. Avoid and expel whatever isn’t true to this purpose and you will be able to the measure of the results.

During your daily meditation, you should also send out vibrations of your love towards all things, even the detestable as they too serve a purpose unbeknownst to you. Your path is that of a creator who is of one mind, with godly intentions, progressing towards harmony for all beings. It is from this place in our hearts and minds where we are in harmony with the goodness of our Universe. It is a very friendly Universe so you must visualize the result of your vision by excluding the negative and drawing in the positive. Only through the one infinite power of love will everything come to serve you, giving you what all you desire. Focus! Thoughts become things and feelings are the way we communicate with the Universe causing the creation of those things.

It is your purpose to draw in more. This is an important step, and so your ideas must be real to you, however, they should not become a chore. If necessary, do as others have done by preparing a vision board. This is a fun project that involves pasting pictures cut out from magazines on a white board for easy reference and saying positive things to reinforce intention. Once you have a vision board, it is easy to maintain focus on what you want. The manifesting mantra is to think of how good things are, so they become better, sending out positive energy, so it returns to you as the manifested creations on your vision board.

Creation is always happening in our lives. It is random for most people because of the approximate 60,000 thoughts they have a day; they don’t take the time to focus on what they want. Their brains play ping pong all day long dealing with situations as they arise; never preparing a way for a positively fulfilled life that is organized by principled actions. They are ships without a rudder allowing the tide to carry them along wherever it leads, seldom drawing in more because they are vague. Don’t be vague. Even pretending you have what you want is a good exercise to getting what you want. Much better than sitting in front of a television and watching life go by while others do the pretending. Yes, creation is always happening regardless of who is doing the creating so be very clear about your definitions of who you are becoming and you will draw in more.

The question arises; won’t some people take advantage of me? Yes, some will try, but if you truly are communicating with love to all beings, you will feel it when others are not on your “wave length.” You will become immediately aware by how the speak and act while with you. No one is asking you to become the worlds fool. Once you are practicing the way of love you will recognize who does not love. Therefore, you will know who to avoid in your personal life or how to transact business with them.

Make images of the life you want real by believing it will happen to you. Control those 60,000 thoughts a day by starting a new train of thought and ridding yourself of preconceived notions brought along from your past, childhood, or life experiences that were negative. You must stop patterns that are not working by paying attention, dwelling on the good with an attitude of gratefulness and love. It is true you should not think house when you want a mansion, but it is also true that you should check your feelings about what it is you truly desire. Believing makes it real, and if it is real, it will come to you as you deserve.

The communication mode spoken of in this book is always completed by using your feelings and sensing what is right or wrong for you. The pathway is your keen longing for what you want, and the magnet of attraction is love. By using this threefold method, you become a magnet that attracts all that is good in the Universe. Reflecting on your desires once a day sends out into the Universe your thoughts of how you want to live your life. Repetition builds the confidence within you to be successful and clarity is power when combined with loving energy. This is the vibration of the fiber of your being. You cannot send out into the Universe without your communication being answered.

This is why we control our thoughts by always making them positive and our interactions with others by becoming a loving force in their lives. We do not want to send out bad vibes or have others deny us the things we want from life. When other people know your intentions are good, they become allies in your quest to fulfill your desires. If all is for you, nothing can stand against you. Those allies will feel your excitement, joy, love, and feel good about helping you. In return, you will help them as needed and you are able as well. Like this, the entire world becomes aligned with your purpose.

Keep doing what makes you feel wholesomely good and sustain happy feelings throughout your day. Of course, there will be incidents in life that are difficult to deal with, but you can rise above anything with a positive outlook on life. Remember you must sustain happy feelings to achieve a well balanced successful life. Feelings are the effortless harmony your life sings as a melody to the Universe and in kind the Universe responds back with a chorus of gifts that expand your life.

Meditate on these things and you will see I am right. Positive will overcome negative. So using prayer and meditation ask and you will receive, being grateful for all you have and are yet to receive. It is because the Law of Attraction is also a law of harmony you have become a loving person that has influence and abundance. Like attracts like and because you love all who surround you, you will attract love by becoming an attraction magnet.

The exercises in this book are shaping life lessons that are on the same frequency as the Law of Attraction. This frequency is unity with the divine spirit that provides the energy of life, but it is you that controls your life; so live the bliss with joy in your heart towards all humankind. Celebrate each success with those you love. Create with joy the life you want and all around you will be everything you imagined it to be.


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