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Turmeric Benefits - Curcumin Uses, Health Benefits

Updated on November 29, 2016
Curcumin in turmeric powder makes it an amazing spice.
Curcumin in turmeric powder makes it an amazing spice. | Source

One of the best natural food sources of Curcumin is turmeric spice, which has great antioxidant properties. It is proven that curcumin in turmeric has the ability to fight malignant cells like cancer and inflammation in human body. In many Asian countries, turmeric is used daily. By including turmeric in your diet, you will naturally get the benefits of the chemical curcumin.

Read more about the spice turmeric here including its amazing uses.

Turmeric powder commonly known as Haldi powder in India is an amazing golden yellow spice with many uses. The popular use of turmeric powder or Haldi powder in Asian cuisine is its use in cooking which is a well known fact. However, turmeric has got many medicinal uses too, owing to the presence of curcumin in it, and they are being researched and studied.

Turmeric or Haldi is native to Southeast India and it can be grown easily in the tropical climate. The plants need good water supply or rainfall to grow well. It is the rhizomes of the turmeric plant that are used to make the turmeric powder. You can also use fresh rhizomes, after removing the skin of the rhizomes.

Turmeric is a small plant and you can even grow them in pots. Usually many number of turmeric plants are grown and the rhizomes are collected together, which are later sun dried after removing the skin and then powdered to form the turmeric powder that we get in markets.

Here you can read about the top uses of the turmeric so you can include it in your daily life.

1. The use of turmeric powder in cooking

The use of turmeric or haldi powder in cooking in most of the Asian countries is popular. If you have fresh turmeric rhizomes, remove the skin and grind it with little water to form a paste and then you can use it in cooking. If you have the dry powdered turmeric, you can store it for a long time in airtight containers and use it for cooking as needed. You will need very little of this spice, like just a teaspoon, for each recipe.

Turmeric has strong antioxidants and it is known for its ability to fight against cancer, alzheimers and many other diseases, especially the autoimmune diseases. It is best to use turmeric daily in your food for maximum health benefits. In addition to the flavor and health benefits, the use of turmeric in cooking imparts a natural and beautiful yellow color to the food.

Turmeric Field
Turmeric Field | Source

In the above image,the small plants that can be seen in the field along with the coconut trees are the turmeric plants.

Due to the strong anti inflammatory properties, turmeric is used in traditional medicines from a very long time to treat inflammatory diseases. The yellow pigment in turmeric is called Curcumin and it is considered as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

Turmeric is also a source of powerful antioxidants which protects the body from the formation of free radicals, and hence it is believed to be protective against autoimmunity related diseases like cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. Turmeric is also studied for its protective abilities against cystic fibrosis and leukemia in children. It is suggested that the daily use of turmeric in food may protect you against these diseases and it can help to boost your immune system.

Other health benefits that turmeric offer are improving the function of liver, improving the cardiovascular health, reducing cholesterol and the protection against Alzheimer's disease.

2. The antibacterial properties of turmeric - medicinal uses of turmeric

Turmeric powder is said to have antibacterial properties and healing properties and hence turmeric powder or fresh ground turmeric is used in traditional medicines to treat wounds and also in medicines to treat skin infections. Traditionally in many Asian homes, fresh turmeric powder is applied to treat small cuts in skin, after cleaning the skin..

3. Turmeric milk or Haldi milk benefits for cold and sore throat

If you have cold or sore throat, having warm turmeric milk can help you feel better. In one cup of milk, add 1 teaspoon of turmeric, stir well and boil for few seconds. Drink this while it is still warm, to reduce the symptoms of cold and sore throat. This is a natural remedy for cold and flu. If you have severe viral or bacterial infections, you will have to consult with a doctor. However, having a little turmeric milk will definitely be good for you!

4. Cosmetic use of turmeric powder

Turmeric powder has many cosmetic uses including the uses of turmeric for skin and face. From a very long time, it is a tradition in India to apply turmeric paste in the skin of babies and young children before giving them bath. Leaving the natural turmeric paste, made by mixing turmeric powder and water, in the skin of baby is believed to protect the baby from skin infections and rashes.

Turmeric is also effective against pimples and hence it is used in many cosmetic products for skin care. Turmeric paste is used as a natural facial mask and also as an ingredient in other homemade facial masks.

5. Uses of turmeric powder in gardening

Turmeric keeps ants away, so you can sprinkle a little turmeric powder in the soil to protect the plant seeds and seedlings from ants. Make sure you sprinkle a little turmeric powder everyday in the soil, after watering the soil. Turmeric can also protect the leaves of young plants from insects if sprinkled in the plant and leaves.

You can always try adding this spice to your daily food, to get the maximum health benefits it offers and for the natural color and flavor. Turmeric can be even added to cheese or butter, and you need to add only a little of it!

Do you use turmeric in your food?

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Close Up Shot Of Turmeric Plants
Close Up Shot Of Turmeric Plants | Source


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    • VioletteRose profile image

      VioletteRose 3 years ago from Chicago

      Thanks D.A.L. I am glad you found this useful!

    • D.A.L. profile image

      Dave 3 years ago from Lancashire north west England

      As a plant enthusiast I found this article excellent and it added to my knowledge of world species. Great images. Thank you. Voted up,interesting and useful.

    • VioletteRose profile image

      VioletteRose 3 years ago from Chicago

      Thanks for commenting DDE :)

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      I like turmeric powder and often use it. I always enjoyed adding different flavors to my foods. The uses of turmeric powder is so helpful and unique.

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      VioletteRose 3 years ago from Chicago

      Thank you mecheshier :)

    • mecheshier profile image

      mecheshier 3 years ago

      What a lovely article. Very thorough and interesting. Turmeric is a favorite of mine.TY

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      VioletteRose 3 years ago from Chicago

      Thanks AliciaC :)

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 3 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Thanks for the interesting information. I like to add a little turmeric to many foods. I love its potential health benefits! It's a great spice.

    • VioletteRose profile image

      VioletteRose 3 years ago from Chicago

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Donna :)

    • DonnaCaprio profile image

      Donna Caprio Quinlan 3 years ago from Newburyport, MA

      I just recently started using Tumeric. I didn't realize it was such a useful spice. I like the idea of sprinkling it in some warm milk. Thanks for all if the good information!

    • VioletteRose profile image

      VioletteRose 3 years ago from Chicago

      Thanks for the nice comments :) I am glad that you all find this useful!

    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 3 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      This hub is loaded with info. I'm a fan of turmeric and I did not know its benefits. Now I know. Thanks my friend.

    • word55 profile image

      Word 3 years ago from Chicago

      Hi VioletteRose, This was very informative. I use it quite often especially in my scrambled tofu meals. I didn't know that it was as beneficial for good health. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • ologsinquito profile image

      ologsinquito 3 years ago from USA

      That's a very reasonable price for that skin cream. I'll have to check it out.