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Why Do People Turn To Drugs?

Updated on March 18, 2011

I have heard this question before and also have thought of it myself. It's definitely a very sad thing seeing someone struggling with an affliction that they can't help themselves with. Also it's very sad when family or friends can't or don't help either. I understand there's only so much someone can do to help and the rest it up to the addict. I think another reason why they don't stop is because they realize they have to do a very hard thing on their own.

Besides that, here is my theory on how people may turn to drugs and alcohol. The heroin addict that you see slumped over on the sidewalk and as you glare at them as you walk by thinking "Why can't they just clean up their act?" and you see the sadness in their eyes. That you think is the need for more of the drug, but in reality its what life struggles they had previously went through, currently going through and the need for the drug. Next time you walk by some "hobo" on the street just think that maybe they were raped when they were younger or beaten by their parents. With that happening maybe they never had learnt the skills to deal with such a trauma so in turn they go to drugs.

As you may of guessed I have been watching a lot of Intervention lately. I have noticed a few common things with drugs addicts. A lot of them seem to of had some previous trauma in their life that they never learnt the skills or never could deal with properly to get over it. So instead they just push it way down and bury it with drugs. Whether it be rape, assault, beatings by parents, being pushed to hard by parents to do better, not being loved by parents, feelings of not being welcome and also being gay and not feeling accepted especially by family.

Learning all of these things myself truly makes me believe that Marijuana, "Pot" being a gateway drug is ridiculous. I believe it is all the previously mentioned assault in either physical or mental/emotional that is the "gateway" for these people.

Also another few theories for why people may begin doing drugs. Curiosity and the need to get first hand experience with alcohol and drugs. No matter the good/bad information they are given about drugs and alcohol they still need to experience it for themselves. The second theory is social pressure, to fit in with others and thinking that they wouldn't fit in if they didn't drink alcohol or do drugs. Finally, because they were raised in an environment where it is just part of daily life. This is what they've seen, this is what they know. For example, my parents did it so I'll do it too. It would end up being just as normal as driving on the right side of the road.


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    • profile image

      Justin 5 years ago

      I found the best help from a company called Pure Health Group when I wanted to end my addiction to opiates. I had been using them for three years. It was ruining my life; my friends, family and co-workers had turned their backs on me. I was out of answers and in need of change. I went to and their Withdrawal Relief System helped me to become opiate free. I am PROOF! You can make it through that yucky withdrawal and can become opiate free. Thanks Pure Health!

    • profile image

      Icelena 5 years ago

      I had bad problem with drugs it isn't the "drug" I was addicted to. At first, I just wanted to smoke weed to fit in , most kids do this. BUT what made it different for me was that I became focused on being recognized, I wanted respect. I know the reason is different for everyone but for me simply I was abandoned and felt I could never become the person I would day dream about being. When sober I was even farther away from that warrior in my mind, but when I used drugs it was easy for me to create that false since of respect and desire to be needed. and when my family would look at me and say " Why don't you just stop? You know where this is going! " With tears in my eyes I would be silently wondering myself why not stop, what was wrong with me, but neither they nor me relized that those tears were more because I really just wanted to be acepted by them and needed by them and I just wanted to know that they were proud of me! And standing there looking them in the eye and becoming the skelton in the closet that my family just wanted to hide made my need for drugs even greater because with drugs, no matter how bad things were , with them, even if only for a second, I could dream of being that person that I wanted so badly to become, All I wanted was to be talented !! In anything, I was like a ball of play-do just wanting to take form , wanted to know my self, but with the more drugs the more numb I became. What a paradox, using drugs to give myself a since of purpose only to know less and less of what that person and purpose was! But really all I want to say if people need to stop looking at the drugs or addiction but look for the WHY !! Look for the reason the person is using the drug for, it becomes and addiction once it is no longer used for recreational use, when they are using it to wake up and face the day or using it so they can face a certain thing then it has become a coping mechanism . They are not DEAD BEAT DRUG ADDICTS!! When AA and NA say that they are powerless and addicts they are wrong!! Once the individual discovers the reason they are using the drug for, and once they discover a coping skill to deal with the emotion or feeling, then you will see that they will no longer want to use the drug for because there is no NEED for the drug. If you are an addict please please know that you do not have a disease and that you are not incurable and that you don't have to isolate yourself from the rest of the world. AA and NA are wrong, good intentions but over all wrong. Bill W. and the other guy just wanted to create a cushion to hide behind so that they didn't have to look at your biggest obstacle in discovering the WHY behind your addiction. Your biggest obstacle is SELF DISCOVERY!! YOU HAVE TO STOP CARING ABOUT OTHERS SHORTCOMINGS BUT INSTEAD TO OVERCOME YOUR OWN. YOUR PRIDE EGO ENVY LUST AND TURN THEM INTO UNITY FORGIVENESS COMPASSION SELFLESSNESS

      THANKS For Reading,


      * Living proof of someone cured from drug addiction *

    • profile image

      angel 5 years ago

      Drugs are horrible! Some people escape the clutches of drugs and some don't like Whitney Houston and other's. Drugs creates a false since of self, either it sadates the mind to depression or it releases false endorphines that make one think "they are on top of the world and can do anything.". Once it has worn off.....back to the same o. The wise person finds inner srength to will their mind, heart and spirit from the unavoidable destruction that it will eventually do to the brain and other major systems in the body. Prayer and faith helps a great deal!

    • Blair Rockefeller profile image

      Blair Rockefeller 6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Another reason is that a lot of people suffering from depression or other forms of mental illnes turn to drugs and alcohol as a form of self medicating. It actually works at first. But the drugs or alcohol become less efective over time, causing the person to use more and more till they aren't able to function.

    • capncrunch profile image

      capncrunch 6 years ago from New Orleans

      I like hearing different opinions from different people. I too, like to watch intervention and can relate to some of the episodes I watch. I feel for people with these afflictions and the families who don't know what to do. Great Hub!