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Turning Thirty! The best is yet to come

Updated on December 18, 2014

The 30 Myth busted

As we all know the sweet and sour thirty, as many call it is not the measure of any thing in our life. At every phase we are growing and for a genuine evaluation of ourselves we have to keep it a daily on-going task. the numeric value 30 in age is highly overrated and the story has been cooked little too well since our Great great grandfathers

Every day the cells in our body are undergoing the ageing process but the hurt is major only when we turn 30. Believe me there is nothing that goes wrong overnight as the clock strikes 12 and your body says "m done as m thirty now". Its all in the mind of those around us and the way we are groomed.

Just look around you and you will realize that the Great Thirty is just a number. We celebrate our birthday ever year and those of us who choose to be young at heart continue to grow younger. Life is a gift to us and has to be lived to the fullest. There is no surety of what is going to happen when but the only certain element is it will go-on for as long as it s meant to be.

Fact File

Lets do the check on the parameters that make the lovely thirty the dreaded 30 and break the bubbles:

Body cells: no difference if its 28 or 30 or 35 , in terms of longevity we have seen people die before that and live way beyond that

Career settlement: you get a job when ever you want to and the career path is decide way before 30 for many. But hey!! lets not forget the stars rising to fame only when they start having those classic grey locks!!

Marriage and Kids: just a matter of your choice, you can step into it when ever you are ready. Success here my friend is not determined by external factors, when you are ready and have found the soul-mate then is the Time for it.

Education Completion: who says we have to brutally stop the learning curve as its 30 now. Study till you want to and in life you define your right and wrong and that is it.

Love your self be it 20 30 40 ... :)

How to get over this fear!!!

Dance: let your hair loose, just party and live for the moment

Walks: make sure you take a stroll daily and appreciate the beauty around you. if possible make some group to walk along with and interact while you walk. It works wonders

Family Time: No matter what age you are just Love your Loved ones and you will always be surrounded by positivity and support

Exercising: Those workouts do matter as you got to always know that you can walk the extra mile for your health and this is irrespective of age :)

Holiday & celebrations: Plan them well in advance and look forward to them or just pack your bags and get going whenever you want to.

Reading: if you like to read nothing like it. Just visit your nearest gallery or in the comfort of your home. Choose your pick and read it all !!

Ok Tell me now..

Do you still fear Thirty??

See results

Let the Thirty Burn!!

Live! Love! Be Merry!

Keep this mantra as your core mantra and just get along the flow of life.. i am sure even at 50 you are going to be just as young as 20 if you choose to be. Lets remenber Life is a matter of "Mind Over Matter" and if "We dont doesnt matter".

Merry Christmas and a very Happy new year!!

My next : New you in the New Year !!!


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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Sonam Mehta 

      4 years ago

      Thanks Neha!! Glad you liked it :)

    • Nehacutie profile image

      Neha verma 

      4 years ago from Delhi, India

      Although i am not 30 but it will help me after some time....

      Thanks, to share with us

      Keep it up sonam!!


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