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Turning a sunburn into a tan overnight

Updated on June 23, 2012

Sunburns. They hurt, they itch, they look nasty, and never seem to go away. However this simple, proven method can turn almost any sunburn into a glorious tan overnight. The secret is vinegar. Yes, vinegar. In order to soothe any sunburn, my best advice is to spray your sunburn with vinegar. The vinegar cools the body, removing any signs of red heat which allow for the tan pigment to shine.

The best method to this approach is to pour vinegar into a small empty bottle. I have used white distilled vinegar in a cleaned out hairspray bottle and it works perfectly. Yet I can assure almost any type of vinegar will work, one time I even used apple vinegar - I was left with an apple-scented tan however. After a cold shower, spray the vinegar onto the burn. Do not rub it in, you should not have to especially if you are using a spray bottle. If you can endure the smell for an hour or so, you will have no problem getting that much wanted tan. After an hour, although it is not needed because the scent would have faded, I would encourage a shower.

This approach to tanning a sunburn is quick, easy, and effective. It works nearly every time and requires nothing you can't find around the house. If it doesn't work the first time, try it again. Stay Classy.


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    • profile image

      Pat 7 months ago

      Spraying vinegar on didn't work for me as well when I got burnt bad. I soaked wash clothes in it and laid them on the burn and did a few times for about 30 minutes at a time to help ease the pain and burning. It did help doing that. Then I applied baby oil and let it soak in to soften the skin.

    • profile image

      Jigglypuffs 19 months ago

      Apply ice to cool the warm feeling that's still in ur skin continuing to cook u even after ur out of the sun. And apply aveeno lotion (for best results, the kind with oatmeal in it) it's such good lotion, i started using this stuff about a week before I got a sunburn and put some on my rlly dry hands and it made them so soft and moisturized after one use. This works great for sunburns, it'll keep u moisturized so ur skin doesn't peel off, instead it'll turn into a nice tan. Im a very pale person who likes to occassionally forget sunscreen and I got burned my first day out in the sun and after applying ice a couple times a day, and using aveeno lotion often on my sunburn, the Spanish side of me is definitely showing now, nicely tanned.

    • profile image

      Ashley 2 years ago

      it didn't work for me, sorry. x

    • profile image

      sydney 2 years ago

      Do i keep spraying eveytime it drys for an hour

    • profile image

      Lupita 2 years ago

      Great advice. Thank you so much!

    • profile image

      Victoria 2 years ago

      Hello I got very Bradley burnt all over my body and I had a festival coming up, I used this method last night but it hasn't worked

    • profile image

      Paula 3 years ago

      Can you apply the vinaigrette on your face

    • profile image

      jessica 3 years ago

      Tryong it hope it works cuz I look retarded with my burn

    • profile image

      Shaq 3 years ago

      do i keep spraying it on as it drys?????

    • profile image

      Maggie 4 years ago

      It didn't work last night. I'll try it again tonight, but I'll take a cold shower before this time.

    • profile image

      mia 4 years ago

      trying it now!

    • C-Marie profile image

      C-Marie 4 years ago from Oregon, USA

      My great grandmother passed on this info to me as well! Great advice :)