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How I Lost 20 kilograms and Kept it Off-you won't believe how

Updated on May 30, 2013
Calf suckling milk from its mother
Calf suckling milk from its mother | Source

The Cow Came First.

I stopped adding milk to my tea and coffee a while ago. It was difficult at first until a lady pointed out to me that we, as humans were the only species to drink the milk of another species. This prompted me to ask myself, as adults why did we continue to do this? I decided to google the question and discovered that we in fact didn't really need milk. Amazing!!! I thought. I was led to believe we absolutely had to have milk to grow up strong and healthy. Wrong!!. I had been lied to, by my parents and other adults.....especially by the dairy industry. And when I realised just how much milk I alone had been consuming over the years, what with yoghurts, cheeses, icecreams etc, etc. I began to see a connection to dairy and weight gain due to the fat content and sugar additives. All of these products were yummy indeed but now that I understood that they were not necessary to our diet and in fact, heavily pushed via advertising with lies, I wanted out. My eyes were opened and despite knowing that I would miss my favourite creamy, fruity yoghurt and cookies and cream icecream, I felt confident that my body might just breathe a sigh of relief.

Dairy produces mucus in the body
Dairy produces mucus in the body | Source

Sinus Be Gone

I had always been prone to sinus problems. Even if I developed a flu or cold I would inevitably get infected sinuses. Yuk! which meant I usually needed antibiotics to get rid of it.

Guess what? since giving up dairy, no more sinus that can't be just coincidence. Giving up dairy had been the only significant change I had made. For the first few days I experienced episodes of diarrhoea and silently prayed that this would not be a permanent problem, thankfully everything returned to normal. I think my body was getting rid of the excess mucus hanging about in my digestive system.

New Wardrobe
New Wardrobe | Source

New Wardrobe

I, and others (big smile) began noticing my weight loss.

I had been a size 14 creeping toward a 16 and my doctor was not happy with me. I had been on cholesterol tabs for a while, trying to lose inches around my waist and just to generally eat healthier, alas I had been finding it difficult. I was further worried about the side effects of cholesterol medications and my doc warned me that unless I began to lose weight I was at risk of diabetes. I was scared.

But now it seemed to be falling away effortlessly. From a size 14 and weighing 78 kilos I had dropped to a comfortable size 12 and weighing 67 kilos. My jeans were beginning to drop from my waist to my hips. This just wouldn't do! I needed to buy clothes that fit me. What fun!!! Clothes shopping YAY!!

Stop living un-consciously
Stop living un-consciously | Source

Conscious Living

I think the key to me being able to willingly choose to omit dairy from my diet was closely related to being aware of what exactly and specifically I was choosing to eat. More or less consciously connecting the milk I was drinking to coming from a cow that had produced the milk in its body to specifically feed its calf and not with the purpose of giving me something to drink. I was then consciously made aware that the calf was most likely separated from its mother at a very young age to be either (if it was female and lucky) kept to breed its own young, or if it were male, then led to slaughter. It made me sick to think that I had blindly contributed to this practise for a very long time. This then led me to thinking about other food that I had been choosing to eat.

I looked at my three chickens that I collected eggs from every morning, that I had named and loved as much as my cat and dog. How could I call these chickens 'pets' and yet sit down to eat a roast chicken dinner?? It was time for me to come clean with myself and admit I had been burying my head in the sand about what animals I considered okay to eat and what animals I considered worthy of being a pet. The truth was, I loved animals...all animals. I had chosen to ignore the fact that the meat I was eating once used to be a living being. I had been living un consciously.

weight loss that stays off
weight loss that stays off | Source

Small Steps

So here I am 9 months after giving up eating meat and now over 20 kilos lighter and wearing size 10 clothes. How happy am I? Estatic. And how much healthier am I? infinitely. How much lighter of spirit and content do I feel? unfathomable. My heart, mind body and soul know that the way I now live is better for me, all living creatures and planet earth.

If and when you, yourself make the connection, your first instinct may be to want others to get on board. This is natural, however everyone needs this to happen in their own time. Change can not be forced, just as it was not forced upon me. It starts with information but the information must then be connected to the deepest level of our consciousness for it to be authentic.

However small steps do indeed lead to big leaps. Even if you can only manage to cut back on your dairy and meat intake you will see a difference in your weight and overall health.

Try one day a week to start. You might be surprise at just how easy and effective and permanent weight loss can be.


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    • Christine P Ann profile image

      Christine P Ann 3 years ago from Australia

      Thank you for stopping by Phyllis your encouragement means a lot :)

    • Phyllis Doyle profile image

      Phyllis Doyle Burns 4 years ago from High desert of Nevada.

      Congratulations on your weight loss and better health. I stopped drinking milk and eating yogurts a long time ago -- yet the cottage cheese and other cheeses would be so hard for me to give up. You have some very good ideas to consider. Thanks for sharing your success.