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Two decades is not your mother remains healthy eating

Updated on April 5, 2016

Mother and daughter Thuy Duong Thi Thoi Thuan region A, An Thoi Ward, O Mon district (Can Tho), rice feared trapped so many years the main food in each meal a few betel leaves, melon , tofu pieces, ... .Tuy diets are not mere VND10,000 / day, but they remain healthy and normal labor.
Mother and daughter are suffering from anorexia Three Trau rice but still healthy
Mother and daughter both suffer Three Trau "boring rice" but still healthy
A Thoi Thuan area, her family asked three betel everyone knows. To speak with us, Ms. Duong Thi Thuy (Three Trau, 48) said before, when her daughter was also normal meal, every meal is 2-3 cups of rice. But after getting married, till the age of 26, she felt "scared rice," is eating into discomfort, nausea, heavy people. "The day did not know hunger, cravings unaware rice. Riet then not want to eat any more, I do not bother, it is not good to eat, "she explained Thuy.

What makes people feel strange is not just Thuy, that she is her daughter, Nguyen Thi Huong (26 years old), 5 years ago and disease involving "fear of rice". Although the workers are working for a company in Tra Noc, O Mon district (Can Tho), while working 8 hours / day, even from 10-12 hours of overtime at However, Huong meal is just corn, candy, pie, ...


Ms. Thuy said, from "boring rice" She loves to eat betel
Ms. Thuy said, so far has 22 years in the diet of Thuy no rice, meat, fish, savory items, but she is still healthy, normal labor. Her daily menu and daughter wrapped only in a few betel leaves, corn, melon, pieces of tofu, vegetables, ... "Many people advised the mother and child to the doctor I see stars, but they have seen normally should stop, "Thuy said.

Ms. Mai Thi Nguyet (73), mother Thuy said: "As a child, it (Thuy) was raised in normal as other children. However, when getting married and having children are also at expression "scared rice" and lasted until now. At first, find it does not eat any more, I'm also worried about the well, but found it normal healthy should gradually also not interested anymore. "

More than 20 years remains healthy eating
Thuy said that the time remaining before eating normally, she weighs about 45 - 46kg, but especially since not eating again, she rose up to 52kg Thuy. Although not eat rice, fish, meat, ... but more strange is not every day Thuy and the snacks that also came a few days when they ate.

A neighbor of Ms. Thuy said, there are times when hired, rice paddy hired from this district, to other districts, to lunch, people bring rice to eat, then the search Thuy mango pickers live to Oh. Those who went and joined General intends to invite her to eat, but she does not feel hungry Thuy said, I snack for "humor" but I do not eat rice alone for a long time. "

Ms. Thuy said, since she fed rice betel cravings. "Eating healthy betel to see people out. Tiger back, chewing betel I go through so now in this neighborhood they call me Ms. Ba Trau ", Ms Thuy said.

Ms. Thuy said, from her days without eating and living healthier body rose up over
Ms. Thuy said, from her days without eating and living healthier body rose up over
Related to this strange phenomenon, the reporter had an interview with a leading doctor, has many years of experience in gastrointestinal disease in the Mekong Delta, the uncle said: As a rule of life, people want protection ensure survival and maintain daily operations, the energy intake to energy expenditure more. To explain the phenomenon "weird" we must have a nutrition expert to track the food, beverage, fruit ... this person's daily use, to calculate energy intake (in calories) / day, while energy consumption calculated by activities (in Calorie) / day, plus basic metabolic energy.

"If the energy intake at much less consumption of energy that people still maintain a normal life as a new journalist mentioned it calls" strange phenomenon ", then takes the expert to answer specific research based on concrete scientific evidence. If the energy intake to energy consumption of this is normal, "the doctor said.
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