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Different types of Aventurine Crystals

Updated on January 9, 2016

Aventurine Crystal Colors

People who have Aventurine crystals can communicate with the crystal through the energy vibration that it has. There are actually different types of Aventurine and each one of them has the tendency to release energy that can connect to the body's energy. According to experts the Aventurine crystals have the tendency to heal people who are suffering from ailments physically, and imbalances in their emotional aspects. The circumstances in a person's life can also be limited by using the Aventurine crystals. For people who are not yet familiar about Aventurine, it is actually quartz that comes in different kinds of colors that have different properties.

Aventurine Crystal - Peach

One of the colors of Aventurine that has a solid connection to the second type of chakra is the Aventurine that is peach in color. People who are into endeavors that are creative such as painting, music and writing should definitely use the peach colored Aventurine because of the power that this crystal can give them. Artists who have this crystal will have their visions to be enabled to their own criticism, which usually comes out from the inner voice that they have. People who are wearing this kind of crystal have the possibility to enter the state of meditative calmness. Lastly, the peach colored Aventurine has the capability of healing people who have problems with their adrenal glands, heart, lungs and the genitals as well.

Aventurine Crystal - Blue

The qualities of a yang are present in the blue colored Aventurine crystal, such as vitality in physical, decisiveness and as well as leadership. A person who is wearing the blue colored Aventurine is being encouraged to have a judgment that is matured. This means that the wearer will avoid stubbornness and excitability, for him to be able to move through wisdom intuitively. When it comes to the healing capabilities of the Aventurine, it help congestion to be cleared, while it the circulation of the physical body is also being promoted.

Aventurine Crystal - Green

One of the luckiest Aventurine crystals is the green one because it has the ability to give a person certain opportunities. The opportunities that may knock can be romances, a job offer or by winning the lottery. People who are wearing the green colored Aventurine can enhances his cheerfulness and humor, while the depression is being alleviated. Another good thing about the green colored Aventurine crystal is that the person can feel calmness all over him no matter what the situation is. The good thing about the green colored Aventurine is that is helps remove the vibrations that are negative and as well as pollutions that are electromagnetic. When it comes to health, eyesight and a person's flexibility are both enhanced. This also includes the lungs and heart's disorders.

Above are the different types of Aventurine and the properties that each type has. If you are planning to get an Aventurine crystal then it is ideal to get the particular color that you really need for yourself.


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    • elle64 profile image

      elle64 2 years ago from Scandinavia

      Jean thanks a lot- that is great info you shared, take care.

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 2 years ago from New Jersey

      There's a really great site, You can order special crystals, and also they stock a lot of them. You can get them polished or not. They have a lot of keychains and pendants, cute things to use as gifts if you need one and can't spend a lot. You can find out what stone has qualities you wish for a person, and give it to them. Sort of like "saying it with flowers." Take care.

    • elle64 profile image

      elle64 2 years ago from Scandinavia

      Maybe I should get one for my self.

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 2 years ago from New Jersey

      I always carry green aventurine, so it helps me stay calm and centered. I learned a lot about them from a man in a metaphysical course I took last year, and now I'm hooked! Crystals have so many good qualities, for whatever we need!

    • profile image

      Mauar 3 years ago

      Those earrings are fattisnac, but of course I didn't expect anything less from you! Congrats on the feature! I will head over and check out the site too. And of course I hearted those earrings on Etsy! Once I get some money I need to do some spending over on your shop and Steph's too!!Jayme (The Random Blogette) s last [type] ..

    • profile image

      MysticMoonlight 5 years ago

      I really like Aventurine, green is my favorite. For me, it has a great harmony and feels very calm and mellow...I'm always in need for more of that! :) Nice Hub.


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