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Types of Exercise for fitness

Updated on May 25, 2009

Types of exercise

 Aerobic exercise is any large muscle activity that can be sustained for two to three minutes or longer. The heart and lungs together to supply oxygen to tis­sues in the body. Aerobic exercise forces the lungs and heart to work

 harder and. in so doing, streng­thens and conditions them..

• Anaerobic exercise is any exer­cise that requires short bursts of power, such as all out sprinting or very heavy weight-lifting, which do not require a significant increase in oxygen delivery to the muscle.,

Resistance exercise, also called strength training, increases muscle

strength by putting more than the usual amount of strain on a muscle.

This increased load stimulates the growth of small proteins inside each muscle. cell that play acentral role in the ability of the muscle to generate force. resistance

stresses bones as , well as muscles and helps increase bone mineral content and prevent osteoporosis.

Flexibility exercises use gentle, etching movements to increase

the length of the muscles and the

effective range of motion in the

joints. Flexibility exercises can be... an important part of an injury

prevention or rehabilitation pro­gram if chronically tight muscle groups contribute to the problem.


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