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Types of Red Meats

Updated on August 10, 2012

What are red meats?

Red meats are red or dark when raw; when cooked, they are not white. This redness is due to the myoglobin concentration present on these meats. While the types of red meats are mostly related mammals, there are certain fowl meats, like that of the breasts of ducks and geese that are also considered red or dark white. Pork meats on the other hand, are getting leaner and whiter in color that some cuts of not considered types of red meats anymore. Generally speaking though, pork still falls under the category of reds.

Types of red meats

The types of red meats include:

  • beef
  • pork
  • lamb
  • veal
  • sheep
  • horse
  • duck
  • goose

The types of red meats come in different cuts such as the loin, top, round, shankle, neck, brisket and bacon. Some are processed further into cured meats. Some types of red meats are trimmed and turned into processed sausages and hams.

Health reservations on the types of red meats

Red meats are considered bad for the health because of their fat contents. However, not all types of red meats are bad. In terms of fat contents, the loins of pork are considered by some as not entirely red meats. The fat content of pork tenderloin for instance, is closely comparable to that of a skinless chicken breast. Compared to a skinless chicken thigh, pork tenderloin is the option with less fat. Further, Beef Checkoff says that there are 29 cuts of lean beef that compares to the fat contents of skinless chicken breasts and thighs per serving of 3-oz. This serving size is similar to a portion size of a full deck of cards.

Guidelines for the lean types of red meats

To get the highest nutrition from eating red meats, you have to go for the lean types of red meats. Johns Hopkins relates that according to the US Food and Drug Administration, beef is considered lean if it contains:

  • 10g of total fat
  • 4.5g of saturated fat
  • 95 mg of cholesterol per serving

While extra lean cut should contain:

  • 5g of total fat
  • 2g of saturated fat
  • 95 mg of cholesterol per serving

In buying any types of red meats, following the standards above will give you the fullest health benefits from eating red meats. Lean cuts of red meats are those with loin or rounds in their names such as tenderloin, sirloin or bottom round.

The types of red meats may also be enjoyed with less fat if you trim away the visible fats before cooking. Other ways to do away with their fatty contents is to allow the fats to rise while cooking and scooping them off. You may also opt for other methods in cooking pork dishes such as roast or grill to allow the fats to drip.

Health benefits of the types of red meats

Red meats are energy-giving foods. We need them in our diets. The nutritional contents of red meats include proteins, vitamins like thiamine and riboflavin and minerals like zinc and iron, among others.

The nutritional contents of pork or any other types of red meats should be enjoyed with other healthy foods like brown rice, vegetables, fruits and a lot of liquids. More importantly, eat them always in moderation.

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