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Types Of Phobias

Updated on October 22, 2011

The term phobia refers to fear in general. In the terms of human psychology, phobia is a mental state in which a person seems to adopt a fear for any object or a situation. This fear can be for anything and may be caused by various reasons.

Every one is afraid of something one way or the other. This fear is mostly caused due to a personal experience relating the object or a situation. Mostly phobias develop at one’s childhood as this is the time when a person is the most impressionable and a dangerous event can leave its mark on him forever. Although they may also develop at the later part of one’s life but the majority of phobias occur at childhood.

Since the phobias are developed due to experiences they can cured and fought with. The symptoms include: getting panic attacks, panting, sweating, vomiting, screaming or fainting on seeing or thinking of the object or the situation the person is afraid of.

As said, a person can be afraid of anything for example: animals, height, food, water, rain, closed space, socializing, doomsday, death etc, hence there are many different types of phobia which are classified on the basis of the object of fear.

Below given are the broad categories of some common types of phobia:

Animal and Insect Phobia

This phobia is the phobia of different animals and insects.

The people having the animal and insect phobia are afraid that the animal or the insect they are scared of might cause them a serious damage.

Therefore they sweat, scream and start to get panicked by looking or thinking of them.

Common animal and insect phobias are:

  • Fear of dogs
  • Fear of spiders, commonly known as arachnophobia
  • Fear of birds or ornithopbhobia
  • Fear of lizards or herpetophobia
  • Fear of snakes
  • Fear of rodents
  • Fear of cats
  • Fear of flies and mosquitoes

Fear of heights
Fear of heights
Closed spaces
Closed spaces
Fear of the crowd
Fear of the crowd

Phobia of Naturally Occurring Phenomena and Objects

In this type of phobia people are afraid of situations and things that occur in nature. The common phobias of such type are:

  • Hydrophobia:  Hydrophobia is a fear of water
  • Hypochondria: A type of phobia in which the person is afraid of getting ill or sick, or the person is afraid that he is sick
  • Astraphobia: In this phobia a person is afraid of thunder and lightning
  • Nyctophobia: The fear of darkness. This is a very common type of phobia and a majority of people are the victims of it.
  • ThanatophobiaThis is the fear of death. Many people suffer from Thanatophobia although death is the biggest reality of life.
  • Lilasophobia:  In this type of phobia the person is afraid of severe and harsh weather.

Acrophobia, The Fear Of Heights

Acrophobia is a very common type of phobia in which a person is afraid of heights.

These people start to get dizzy and nauseate at being on something high and tall.

This phobia can be a nuisance because people with acrophobia can not drive on bridges, can no look out of the window of a room which on the top floor of a building, they can not stand on roof tops and terraces.

Blood and Injury Phobia

In this type of phobia the person is afraid of seeing blood and injury of another person or is afraid of bleeding or getting injured.

The symptoms of this phobia are a bit different form other types of phobia, where in other types a person may get dizzy and feel faint, in this phobia actual fainting occurs.

Claustrophobia, Fear Of Enclosed Spaces

This is yet another very common of phobia in which the person is afraid of being in an enclosed space such as elevators and small rooms with narrow walls.

These people show phobia symptoms of panting, sweating and nausea if they enter an enclosed space.


Agoraphobia is the opposite of claustrophobia as in this phobia a person is afraid of open and public spaces. These people can not be in markets or any place crowded.

Social Phobia

In social the person is afraid to face other people and interact with them.

These people do not socialize as they are scared of other people.

These people can not speak publicly and do not talk to any person they don’t know of.


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