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Tyrese Gibson's insight advice

Updated on March 15, 2014

A book that will change your life if you challenge yourself and have the courage to be your best self!

When Deepak Chopra, Rev Run, and Will Smith can give you acclaim; that's a winner.

Today we have a society that is lost and confused, engrained in dysfunctional behavior which makes dysfunctional normal as long as the package presentation is acceptable. The blessing is that every now and then someone realizes their journey, seeks to become a better person, and is not afraid to share details of their journey. It is truly beautiful to experience a man willing to open up regarding his thoughts, patterns while being accountable for his past behavior, his present, and his future.

Tyrese Gibson writes a book suitable for boys who want to be men, women desiring to understand themselves, and for us (male and female) to grow and achieve your best life. Manology, co-written by Tyrese Gibson and Rev Ron, was my first introduction to the deep consciousness and insight Tyrese Gibson possesses. This book continues to verify the growth process and journey Tyrese Gibson has mastered.

How To Get Out of Your Own Way by Tyrese Gibson: a must read! Tyrese Gibson honestly reflects his experiences handling celebrity to keeping his body fit to determining who you surround yourself with-your circle of friends. You can not read this book and not be challenged to change your life and make positive changes in all aspects of your life.

Life is not about materials, status, and title.

A few years ago I was in my Bentley-I'm not being flashy, I work hard. I was at the light at Crenshaw and Slauson, and I was miserable. It had been a crazy couple of months for me, and I was sad and broken down. I was at the light and I saw this dude at the bus stop with some headphones on, dancing and having the time of his life. I was thinking, Look at this guy with the headphones on, in the hood, happy as a mofo, and I'm sitting in a Bentley all miserable. I actually said to myself, I wish I was that dude at the bus stop. I had dropped all this cash for the sound system and the car and that dude just had headphones and bus fare, and he was happier than me.

Tyrese explores experiences he has had with others who have achieved massive success and his humility and desire to learn from others who challenge him. It reminds me of that saying: iron sharpens iron.

Your home reflects your spirit. In this chapter Tyrese explained: that when you walk into someone's house, you're technically walking inside of that person's thoughts. You are walking inside of that person's thoughts.

Tyrese does a great job of sharing experiences gathered through his lifetime:

from the monogamous man who doesn't cheat on his wife, who still likes his wife and honors his commitment to God


explaining to women that you can not control what a man chooses to do


the challenge of respecting your body as a temple

In short, this is not a great book to read but a book that will inspire you to examine your life and apply change. It inspires you to embrace your dreams, be your best self, and understand who you truly are inside so you can achieve your greatest life. In short read this book and buy it for others. Life is a constant learning process and Tyrese Gibson has truly transformed his thought process and shares this process for the benefit of other. Kudos to you!

Great read! Could not put this book down.

Thank you Tyrese Gibson.

A Special Thank You to Tyrese and a message to Shayla

To Shayla........the challenge your father gives you is something so beautiful and you will understand one day how that love and belief your father has in you will guide you as a woman. If there were more men who loved their daughters enough, from day one, to treat them more than commodities of beauty and unimportant accessories; there would be less confused women in the world, less strippers, and more women prepared to impact the world. There would be more little girls that transform into incredible women with self-love and value for themselves which would result in strengthened family households and an uplifting of humanity.

Tyrese Gibson, thank you for not keeping your wisdom/knowledge to yourself and sharing information that empower men and women alike. Your journey is inspiring. Your thoughts on being the best person you can be is challenging and inspiring. Kudos for developing a guide to examining yourself and then addressing the choices one makes while being honest about issues of one's life is amazing.


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