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UTI Prevention Tips for Women

Updated on June 14, 2013
Female Urinary System
Female Urinary System

What is a UTI?

A UTI, or urinary tract infection, happens when a woman gets bacteria into the urinary tract. This is one of the most common infections that women can get. Why is that?

Well, it could be due to a number of reasons, all of which you will learn later, but one of the biggest reasons why women get these types of infections is simply due to their anatomy. Men rarely get a UTI, so what is the difference?

In women, the urethra is much smaller than in men. This means that there is a great surface area and as a result, a high chance for bacteria to grow and fester. Men get away relatively unscathed, although sometimes, men do find themselves with these types of infections as well. It is very rare though.

Now that women know that they are more suceptible, they need to figure out how to ensure that they are protecting themselves and their bodies from developing this type of a painful infection.

How to Prevent a Urinary Tract Infection

So now that you know that women are more prone to developing these types of painful infections, we need to know why and we need to know how to prevent them from happening.

The following tips below will help women know how to prevent a urinary tract infection. You shouldn't be forced to deal with this infection more than you have to. With these tips, you can better educate yourself on how to ensure that you don't have to suffer from a UTI and to keep yourself free from this infection for a long while to come.

  1. Urinate before and after sex. Did you know that even if you and your partner do use condoms, that you still run the risk of transferring bacteria from one another? The best way to ensure that you protect yourself is to urinate both before and after sex. Urinating before sex will help to cleanse the area, as urine is sterile. Then, you have a clean slate to work with from the beginning. Also, it is a good idea to encourage your partner to wash his or her hands before sex and to also do the same with urinating. Then, once you are finished with sex, try to escape to the bathroom to do your business. You want to wash away any surface bacteria that might still be lingering on your skin.
  2. Always urinate when you have to. Even though you've learned that urine is in fact sterile, that doesn't mean that you can let it sit in your body. Urine is still filled with bacteria that needs to be expelled from the body, so when you do feel like you need to go, holding it in is not a good idea. This is where having a smaller length in your urethra comes into play. Men can get away with holding their urine in, but women shouldn't. When you have to go, GO!
  3. Proper hygiene. Sometimes, we all forget to shower once in a while. It happens. Life gets in the way and we don't realize that we are starting to give off a funky odor. Women need to be especially concerned with their hygiene, as the vagina is a breeding ground for bacteria, with its warmth, moisture and darkness. Make sure that even if you can't shower, that you use feminine wipes or even a washcloth with some gentle soap and to keep the area clean. This can make all of the difference in the world!
  4. Wear underwear. This sounds like it is a no brainer, but with women wanting to go commando or wearing silky underwear, this does not bode well for protecting against potential infections. If you want to make sure that you don't develop a UTI, then you need to protect your body and cotton underwear is the best way to do that. Cotton underwear allows the area to still breathe and for your vagina to do what it needs to do, but it also helps you to keep bacteria out, that might not only result in a UTI but also a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. It is better to be safe than sorry!

With these helpful tips, you should notice a dramatic decrease in the amount of infections that you do get.

Lemons Treat UTI
Lemons Treat UTI

How Lemons Can Treat a UTI Naturally

Although the above prevention methods can help you to drastically reduce the amount of infections that you do get, sometimes, even the most careful of women still find themselves with a UTI.

If this does happen to you, don't fret! There are natural ways that you can treat a UTI and you don't have to use antibiotics to do so.

Lemons are one of the best natural remedies for a UTI that can help you to not only treat your infection, but to also ensure that you prevent infections in the future.

To make lemons work for you, the best way is to squeeze some fresh lemon juice into ice cold water, to make a sort of sugar free lemonade. Then, drink it up. Drinking lemon water will help you to target the source of your infection, as it will pass through your urinary tract. When it does so, it will help you to treat the infection by killing off bacteria. Even though lemons are acidic and you are treating an acid spike, lemons are great for flushing out the infection from your body.

Not only that, but lemons are also great at purifying and detoxifying the body. Not only will it help you to get rid of the infection, but it will also help you to get rid of any problems that you may have in the body such as acne.

To top it off, lemons are loaded with Vitamin C and this vitamin is responsible for helping to boost your immune system. With a stronger immune system, you will be able to fight off infections faster and with a lot more ease!

You don't have to feel alone or suffer through a UTI again, as long as you do your best to prevent it and to treat it in the knick of time if it does happen.


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