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LED UV Black Lights for fluorescent activities

Updated on March 1, 2015

LED UV Black Light vs. Bar Bulb Black Lights- Which is better for you?

As of the recent past, UV black lights were really only available in the fluorescent bar design. Many infection preventionists likely still have their bar lights tucked away in their kits; not knowing whether the bar will light up or not. UV black lights can be that unreliable sometimes. Many of the previous bar lights also sit stored away since replacement bulbs could not be found or were too expensive to justify.

LED has revolutionized the lighting industry, but has it successfully provided a functional alternative to the black light bar models? OUTFOX says yes. The following is a comparison of the two black light designs and how you can use either and both during fluorescent infection control trainings

Glow Bar UV Black Light
Glow Bar UV Black Light

UV Bar Black Lights

Positives and Negatives of Black Lights

UV Bar lights:

  • -Cover more space
  • -Really only effective in low light situations
  • -Bulbs have relatively short life
  • -Bulbs are expensive
  • -UV bulbs are difficult to find
  • -Difficult to ship without having a large percentage handled too rough to function
  • -Require a power cord or many batteries to operate
  • -Lights can often be placed flat so that the instructor can demonstrate hands-free lessons

Black Lights on Amazon - Can't find a light OUTFOX offers?

Check out Amazon if you have searched our inventory and can't find the light for you.

LED UV Black Light
LED UV Black Light

UV LED Black Lights

Positives and Negatives

  • -Spot shooters
  • (concentrated UV light), even effective in lighted areas
  • -Concentrated stream of light for better accuracy
  • -Aren't effective for lighting entire rooms (whereas bar lights can)
  • -LED UV Lights have longer lasting bulbs
  • -Convenient hand-held sizes
  • -Clip-on designs allow placement to be attached on most surfaces or areas (Bar designs were really effective for Disclosure Centers; however, the clip on LED UV lights have remedied that concern)

LED Blacklights are definitely the lights of the future as many manufacturers are dropping production of the bar black lights. They last longer and can illumniate the areas brighter- both awesome benefits! There is also less risk of shattering the LED lights.

Black Light Poll

Spotshooter UV black light
Spotshooter UV black light

Do you prefer an LED UV Black Light or Bar Style Black Light?

See results
Disclosure Center GlitterBuddy
Disclosure Center GlitterBuddy

Disclosure Centers with LED vs Bar Black Lights

Bar lights were especially useful with Disclosure Centers (Disclosure Centers are black boxes that allow infection control instructors to

teach hand washing and germ simulation in a bright classroom since the light is shaded).

In addition, fluorescent bar black lights in Disclosure Centers were also preferred because the instructor could teach and demonstrate hands-free since the light was mounted in the black box. However, an alternative LED UV Light that snaps on to Disclosure Centers now can be used. This has been an attractive solution to many infection control teachers; for, we have seen an increase of the SpotShooter sales.

OUTFOX Prevention black lights
OUTFOX Prevention black lights

OUTFOX Prevention's Recommendation

Ideally, an infection preventionist or other individual in charge of fluorescent simulations should have both types of lights. There are many situations where both types of UV black lights serve a purpose, but there is a clear choice for us.

We believe that because of LED's durability that it should be the UV black light of choice. In addition, the added ability of LED to highlight the fluorescent simulation germs in daylight or a lighted room has many instructors smiling.

Glo Germ on Amazon

Have a black light already? Pick up some Glo Germ to start your fluorescent germ simulations today!

Glo Germ for Black Light Infection Control
Glo Germ for Black Light Infection Control

Top 20 Glo Germ Ideas with Black Lights

1. Hand Washing Training with Fluorescent Glo Gel

2. Glove Removal Testing with Fluorescent Powder

3. Testing Glove Efficiency with Glo Gel

4. Glove Replacement Reminder

5. Gown Removal Testing

6. Gown Replacement Reminder

7. Privacy Curtain Disease Testing

8. Environmental Cleaning Orientation

9. Environmental Cleaning Verification

10. General Hygiene Lessons

11. Teaching “Staying Home From Work” Concept Lessons

12. Teach Food Safety

13. Training Classes for Medical Professions.

14. Product Reviews and Trainings

15. Product Comparisons

16. Emergency Situations

17. Teach Parents, Clients, Caregivers and Visitors Hygiene Standards

18. Conduct Community Demonstrations

19. Employee or Student Orientation

20. Clue Spray to Track Where Employees/Students Touch

LED vs Bar Black Light

The Black Light Wars!

What blacklights do you prefer? Any brands that last longer or burn brighter?

Glo Germ poll

Have you ever used Glo Germ with black lights for your infection control training?

See results

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    • benjamindlee profile image


      6 years ago

      As voted in the poll, we think LED is the way to go!


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