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Ultimate Guide To Gain Weight Fast For Skinny Girls In 30 Days

Updated on March 28, 2014

90% of Skinny Women Should See This


It's commonly said among the underweight, "How much you eat and what type of food you consume does not really matter, as you’ll still remain skinny". If this was a fact that you endorsed, it’s simply against any biological factor in the human body. Explaining why you are skinny and still skinny is based on the habits and understanding of how your body works.

There is one goal I aim this article was written for, that is, having a fit body with all the sexy curves that all natural girls have. Time duration is a large factor in this process but hopefully you’ll begin to see results in the next 30 days of endorsing these tips.

Skinny people overestimate the amount of food we consume. they guess that is enough leaving a large gap of body calories needed. The first thing to start on is to create a log to whatever you eat during the day. Don’t purposely change the normal amount or the type of food you eat. Act normal as before.

After 7 days, you start to estimate the number of calories you currently eat per day. You’ll find great resources that help in providing the amount of calories of each food type. This is a good way to have clear understanding of the current amount of calories consumed, leading you, with a total picture of ingested calories. The predictable range would be in 2000 to 2500 and this will never get you to gain weight at all.

Fats are the last thing you need to ingest. You are already fats over bones. The muscle tone is nearly at its minimum. Providing no strength to do a real hardcore work and having early fatigue symptoms in labor activities. More muscles mean more strength leads us to powerful great look.

High proteins are our main source of muscles. So here is the dietary adjustment after first week of logging.

  1. Add 500 calories to your current intake
  2. Consume 50% of these calories are proteins “Fish, Chicken, yogurt, cheddar cheese, nuts, avocado and peas. Whatever suitable for you go for it, to achieve the 50% needed. Search for the term on Google “Protein Sources and How Much You Are Actually Getting By the Numbers”
  3. Intake 35% carbohydrates and I personally recommend slow releasing carbohydrates like “brown rice, fresh fruits, sweet potatoes and cereals”.
  4. Adding 15% fats, this includes “Cheese, lard, butter, hydrogenated oils, whipped cream and dark chocolate”

Fat is calorie dense, holding 9 calories per gram, compared to proteins and carbs which is only have 4 calories per gram. For that reason, I only recommended 15% percent and never go over that. These percentages are not based on my hunch, it’s basically pure science based on various experiments on body structure.

Note about junk food

There are several studies addresses that, 10-15% in all calories intake of basically junk food it would not hurt e.g. “chips, fast food, energy drinks, cookies..etc”

The purpose is to balance and not lean on a certain diet and leave the rest. You have to have a diverse amount of food intake based on your desire. This keeps the body healthy and definitely gains weight.


  1. 1) If you have no appetite it’s highly recommended to use Body Fuel™ Weight Gain 1kg as this alone provides over 4000+ some diet experts said it can substitute for meals during the day.
  2. 2) If you are not gaining weight then you need to raise from 500 cal to 750 cal per day.
  3. 3) If you are gaining too fast then drop from 500 cal to 250 cal per day. And Reassess yourself after 30 days.

Before and After Picture


The Good BAD Calories

Not every calorie you consume is considered beneficial it's crucial to understand the damage of empty calories and how it can not get you into a healthy weight gain.
Not every calorie you consume is considered beneficial it's crucial to understand the damage of empty calories and how it can not get you into a healthy weight gain. | Source

© 2014 Angela Davis


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