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Un-healthy fitness exercises

Updated on September 9, 2015

What exercises are unhealthy for women?

Majority of women want a lean and toned body. Normally they don’t want to have a an extremely muscular physique, but rather a fit and toned one that shows off long and lean muscles

If you are a female interested in getting started with a bodybuilding/workout program, be sure about what is the purpose of the exercise you are going to do and what exercises to do and what not-to-do. In general, women can do the same workouts as men. But since the joints of women are generally looser than men, too much weight can lead to damage of joints or stiff joints.

Some of the exercises women should avoid


When you do a sit-up, your back is entirely off the floor. This in contrary to the “crunches” wherein crunch has a small range of motion; and your lower back will be on the floor.When you lock your hands behind the head, the lock can cause a torque in the spine, which may lead to neck pain. For effective abdominal workouts, bicycle crunches are a very good alternative for sit-ups

Weighted Abdominal Crunches

Weighted abdominal crunches using dumbbells or plates are not advisable for females because instead of getting slim and toned stomach, you’re potentially making your stomach appear larger. Since you want to get rid of the fat in the abdomen, stick to non-weighted abdominal crunches.

Straight leg push-ups

Push-ups often causes shoulder pain, neck pain, and elbow pain. Instead of push-ups, you can try with dumbbell bench press or lie flat on your back, with dumbbells in hand and arms straight up, slowly lower arms until you feel a slight stretch in your chest. This exercise is good for toning up your chest.

Shoulder Shrugs

Shoulder Shrugs are another exercise that women should avoid. Doing this will make your back appear more rounded and muscular and will not look appealing. Instead, focus on working the shoulder muscles that target the three headed deltoid muscle.

Weighted squats

Weighted squats will build your muscles in the upper thigh and in the rear end, places where women would like to trim down. Instead of weighted squats, Lunges can be tried as it does not put much stress on the lower back. If you are suffering from bad knee, then try a reverse lunge.

Side Bends

Another exercise that women should avoid are side bends, since it will widen their waists. In case women want to get rid of love handles, the best way is to focus on their diet and do bicycle crunch or the side plank.

Behind-the-neck shoulder presses

Doing this exercise will strain the shoulders a lot since the little muscles on top of the shoulders work too hard and cause inflammation. Instead, you can try with seated shoulder presses.

Reverse Glute Kickbacks

There is no much harm in doing the reverse glute kickbacks, but likewise they are not much beneficial. If your aim is to firm up your backside, then try with lunges or squats, whereas Reverse glute kickbacks are just waste of time during your workout session.

Standing dead lifts

Since women are more flexible and can bend down farther, this exercise puts more stress on the legs and lower back, which results in bulky back. Instead of standing dead lifts, leg kick-backs can be tried. Stabilize yourself with your arms on a wall, kick your right leg back as far as you can, then do the same with your left leg. Repeat this for 10 times.

Long Duration Cardio Workouts

This is the last exercise that you can avoid doing. Cardio exercises are important for your heart health. Rather than doing the long duration workouts, shift to more intense, shorter variety of cardio wherein you’ll see noticeable positive changes.


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