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Unbelievable Men And Women Weight Loss Transformations With Proper Diet And Exercise

Updated on September 22, 2012

 If you really want to lose weight and tone up your body the secret to doing this is by having a proper diet. Diet unfotunately has a stigma attached to eat like "eat less" "no treats" "starving yourself". Diet simply is what you eat, so if you eat McDonalds every day then that is your diet if you eat fruit and veg and well balanced meals then that also is your diet. So if you change your perception of the word diet and see that what you need to change (Diet) is the food you eat not eating less or any other subconcious you have with the word. It can be hard changing your eating habbits. You, yourself probably won't notice much difference in appearence after a couple of weeks ( although you will have started to lose weight ) because you may constantly check your self in the mirror. Constantly weighing yourself is a big no no too. You may actually increase your weight to begin with with your new diet but if you are wating what you should be then these foods will be having a longer lasting effect. So stick to your new diet.

One way to help motivate you and keep you on track is seeing other people who have been where you are now and have stuck to it from day one. Admiring cover models and celebrities is good to give us sight to what we want to achieve but you never know what they actually do to have these bodies. More often than not you see a celebrity on the cover of a magazine showing off their bikini bods and then in next months issue you'll see that they've gained loads of weight. This could because their methods to losing weight are short term i.e ridiculous diets like eating just soup or eliminating carbohydrates altogether. Yes this may make you lose weight but its plain to see very short term and they usually look worse than when they started once they pile the weight back on.

A lot of women also think that if they lift weights they'll look popeye, sorry I wish it was that easy. Lifting weights is a sure fire way to melting fat off of your body fast, if you use weights in the correct way in what you want to achieve then they will get you in shape pronto. So ladies next time you go to the gym have a look at the "Free weights" not those self lifting cable machines ;).

I thought i'd write this hub for people looking for some inspiration to achieve their goals and really achieve a healthier body. The below links are transformations of real people. They're not getting paid to transform themselves nor do they resort to surgical procedures to get their results. The bonus to these links is that they also write down their workouts and most importantly their diet. Now if you take some ideas from their diet do you not think you will start to see results? of course you will. There is definately someone in these transformations that may resemble you or have the same hectic lifestyle.

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 So if you think you can never get a cover model body, check these people out they are truely inspirational. Above all they are real people that have achieved this whilst having a normal regular life. When you click on the links scroll down and click on the names you will be in awe.

Take notes of their daily diets you do not have to get in to it this detailed in the beginning but make sure you look at what they eat and when. You'll start to realise that your diet is the key part to obtaining the body you want to achieve.


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      theslimdude 5 years ago

      Wow, do these tips work for everybody in here???