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Solution to Uncomfortable Men's Footwear

Updated on July 31, 2014

Feeling frustrated when you get home from a long days work due to bunions, aching, cramped or tired feet? Many men work long days wearing work boots or dress shoes that are not the most comfortable, breathable or grounded footwear to have to lace up daily. However, many times it is necessary to wear these types of boots or shoes due to work dress code or protocol. We suggest that after hours, you take care of your feet as much as possible so that during your work day, your feet feel rejuvenated and ready to strap on those work boots or dress shoes once again.

Most working men have to wear certain footwear due to the type of workplace environment they work in or the nature of the labour they perform. Some wear steel toed boots and other ones wear dress shoes. Either extreme, it is important to make sure that your footwear properly fits your feet and where available and permissible, made from natural products such as leather or suede. Stay away from synthetic made products to ensure your feet can breathe properly during the day so they don’t overheat and cause your feet to sweat. The sweat in synthetic made shoes has no easy way of escaping from surrounding your feet so then irritation sets in. Proper air flow will also decrease foot odor and will lessen the likelihood of developing sweat related issues.

The problem is, most work shoes are designed a certain way and made of particular materials due to safety reasons or for looks not comfort. So that is why taking care of your feet after hours is extremely important. Barefoot is ideal. That’s right – take off your socks and shoes and walk around barefoot. No better way to let your feet breathe than with nothing on! However, when going outside in either winter or summer it’s not always possible to go barefoot. Also, in winter months being primarily inside, your feet may feel cold on your floors with nothing on them. So, when you can’t go barefoot, wear something on your feet that is made of all natural material. It is possible to purchase footwear that even the soles of the shoes are made of natural products. Your feet will not only have excellent breathability, they will also be grounded.

You may recall that we mentioned the term grounded earlier. Grounding or earthing occurs when your feet have the opportunity to connect to the earth. The earth has the power to help neutralize our bodies and terminate any excess free radicals we may be carrying due to the environment we live in. Earthing occurs when the nerves in our feet pick up the electron transfer from the earth. In order for grounding to take place we need to make sure we are either barefoot or wearing natural non-synthetic footwear such as soft leather sole moccasins or Juil earthing sandals.

Such Men’s Earthing Footwear is available. The Earthing Store has a select line of Men’s Moccasins and Juil Sandals that will not only give your feet the rest they need after hours, but are designed with grounding purposes in mind. Their soft sole moccasins and copper plated sandals are made of natural, breathable materials that are comfortable and affordable. Your feet are worth it! For personal friendly service and exceptional shipping services, visit The Earthing Store today!

Note: For more information on Earthing please refer to Clinton Ober’s book called “Earthing. The most important health discovery ever?”


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