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Unconscious 5th House MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology: Love Romance Anger Deception Physical Attraction Karma

Updated on September 8, 2014

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology

 Unexamined Esoteric Splendor
Unexamined Esoteric Splendor

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology: Discovering Themes of the Subtly Infiltrated Unconscious Challenges

Photographs are nebulous depictions of images; they reveal certain outer visual aspects of a person, place or thing, captured at a certain moment in time and space, but in no wise reveal the inner attributes, or one’s life journey which characterizes the individual.

So too, do astrological natal charts depict a person’s celestial photograph; in actuality, the position and pattern’s of the planets in the sky at the precise moment one is born. No more than a mere photograph of how the various planets and asteroids were interacting with each other on that specific day and hour.

But, just as the photograph can adequately reflect a visually somewhat accurate image, so too can the horoscope reveal a certain celestial ‘snapshot’ of the visual illustration featured in the sky. Since everything is inherently universally cosmically galactically connected, according to quantum physics, there’s no way we can discount or diminish the relative importance of the represented picture of the stars' position.

Having said that, let us begin to dissect certain MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrological definitive attributions associated with the zodiac 5th house.

This house, because of its high ranking position in the natal chart, strategically affects every other house in the natal chart. In last month’s session of MODE of Cosmic Therapy I discussed at length detailed information as to how to delineate the influence in power of the house position, ruler on the cusp and how to find the themed criterion necessary for proper understanding and application.

The 5th house generates an esoteric attracting ‘field of operation’ in the person’s life. In other words, with proper study, focused attention, applied effort and dedicated interest an applicable conceptual image of one major premise of vital importance can and will be disclosed. This MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrological information necessitates warranted release for certain lingering stress factors, especially in complicated ‘tangled up’ unable to release frustration romantic affairs of the individual.

Take for example: if a person has Cancer as the ruling Cusp on the 5th house, according to the MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology foundation, the person would benefit from investigating where the ruler of that particular sign is located before going any further.

IF the MOON, (which rules Cancer) is located in the 7th house, let’s say: we know for certain that a definable theme in this person’s life will involve various problem/ issues and unresolved cloistered bitterness, resentment and regret in relationships, especially issues surrounding marriage partners.

We also know for a delegated fact that this person will take years to grow up, out, away and into her own self without being co-dependent on the partners in her life. {Though I am using the pronoun ‘her’ it is for easy reference, only]. She will lead an enormously secret life, hiding sensitive, personal matters for fear of being exposed as weak, indecisive and troubled.

She certainly will be labeled as ‘too sensitive’ and ‘emotional’, clingy (not very sexually attractive by any means.)

Her mother will play a colossal role in her life and in the flavor of chosen partners. ( It matters not whether the mother is alive or deceased.) In fact, the individual will serve out a passive role for many years in the areas of romance, until at such time she can break the emotional guilt, responsibility and regret she feels towards her mother.

Not only that, but a certain isolating mal-aligned worship for the mother could inhibit her, as well.

Because the moon is located in the 7th house, she will have tendency to nurture, smother and try to direct the affairs of her mate’s life. This possessive mind-set will prevent her from being able to detach enough to see certain areas of monumental significance.

In other words, she will present such a foreboding disapproval of new ideas regarding her mate; it would be extremely hard to communicate on an elementary level of negotiations.

These are just brief suggestive definitions regarding the ruler of the cusp of the 5th house being located in the 7th. However, in conjunction with the 7th house placement of the moon, the next step according to MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology, one must find the very next planet to the immediate right of the 5th house cusp ruler.

Let’s say for further example: that planet would be Neptune in the 8th. This particular planet’s immediate right position influences the activity of the theme in this person’s life. The second planet would be like a mate to the ruler of the moon. So what we have here is a moon in the seventh with Neptune in the eighth.

These are direct patterns of behavior in the mates she would also choose as romantic partners.

Not only that, but we will see a woman with incredible psychic intuitive ability whose life is directly predisposed to death, a heavily flavored dream initiated state in waking hours, problems in family life with drugs, alcohol, secrets of childhood sexual abuse and prison related issues dealing with money and/or plot deception.

In either case, whether she is consciously aware of it or not, deception, illicit affairs and the wrangling of financial matters would consume her mind due to a link of the exaggerated emphasis on money in the childhood..

Whether having money or not while growing up does not supersede the fixed vague feelings she projects in connection with being betrayed and left to fend for herself.

She would choose a mate(s) whose idea of communicating would be a little less than non-existent or one who rarely knows the truth or at least only his particular distorted version of it.

Her upbringing would have been heavily dysfunctional with episodes of abandonment and fear associated with a diverse bilateral inaccurate picture presented to the world of an exact opposite duplication of what was actually occurring in the home.

When we return to the 5th house, carrying this pertinent MODE of Cosmic Therapy esoteric astrological data, we begin to dissect other matters ‘webbously’ linked to add to the intriguing plot of earth romantic adventures. Our degree, subject and level of anger is instinctively tied to the temperature of the 5th house in the natal chart.

Many other factors are to be considered when delineating a natal chart, but it’s so much fun, entertainment and mysteriously revealing. What could this woman begin to do with the star patterned information provided?

She could first ask herself IF any of the pertinent relative celestial data is applicable and appropriate for her. IF so, she could then access how the unconscious material could better be applied to delve into her habitual emotional events.

Astrological study requires interest, inclination and dedication to the subject of self! YOU are the most fascinating subject to observe, demarcate, document, define, and delineate. You, in essence, become a life orchestrated self- appointed scientist. There’s no guess work or superstition involved.

You decide to investigate matters that pertain to the substantial subject (person) you desire to discover more about. In the process, you learn a lot, have loads of fun, and evolve.

That’s the plight of the precariously disguised driven soul, anyway. Have a blast!


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    • profile image


      8 years ago


    • breakfastpop profile image


      8 years ago

      Fascinating piece of writing. You have given me a lot to think about.

    • msorensson profile image


      8 years ago

      Wow..such an in depth analysis....

      I am afraid to say I never really paid attention to Astrology as in depth as you do but this is a fantastic analysis...I should look more into it sometime, Paula.


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