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Underactive Thyroid Diet - Can Diet Really Help Thyroid Problems

Updated on December 18, 2010

Underactive Thyroid Problems

Many have found that following an underactive thyroid diet has made a big difference with not only the weight gain that is caused by thyroid problems, but it has also helped with energy levels.

If you are confronted day by day with the strong yearning for extra sleep as well as the never ending feeling of weakness and pure exhaustion, you aren't by yourself. These are exceedingly widespread feelings when your thyroid isn't functioning as it should be.

Location of thyroid gland
Location of thyroid gland

Where The Thyroid Gland Is Located

The largest endocrine gland in your body is found in the lower portion of your neck. This gland has major functions to keep your body working and feeling healthy. It is responsible for your hormone and protein production, as well as controlling your metabolism. Your body desperately needs these thyroid hormones to function its best.

Underactive Thyroid Metabolism

Your metabolism is the speed at which energy is burned by your body. When your metabolism isn't functioning correctly, then you are left feeling awful. You'll have no energy plus your drive reaches the lowest point ever. An underactive thyroid makes you so tired that you lose interest in the things you love doing most. You don't feel like doing your favorite activities any longer. Really the only thing you actually feel like doing is sleeping.

A Lazy Thyroid Makes You Feel Lazy!
A Lazy Thyroid Makes You Feel Lazy!

Lazy Or Underactive Thyroid

Chances are you'll even begin to experience guilt.This feeling could arise out of your decrease in energy level causing you to not be able to spend time with your spouse or kids. You worry that everybody is beginning to judge you and think that you have become a lazy person. This sense of guilt is brought on by a further significant symptom, major depression. You could possibly even be feeling you're letting your loved ones down and not looking after them as you previously did before you had underactive thyroid problems.

You grieve for the days full of energy and excitement you one had before this thyroid problem attacked you. Your loved ones miss you too. They may never express how they are feeling or what they are thinking, but they are wishing the good ole days were back just as much as you do. It is important for you to understand that this guilt that you are battling is not good for your health and can only make your condition worsen.

Following an underactive thyroid dietcan help with your depression and energy level. Eating a healthy diet will show amazing results in your overall total feelings.

Underactive Thyroid and Stress

I'm sure you know that the stressful life you live can contribute to you having underactive thyroid problems. Through research, it is believed that stress is one of the major causes. The guilt that you are feeling is just another form of stress. As a matter of fact, stress, pollution, lack of proper rest, and lack of a proper diet, can all leave you with a sluggish or lazy thyroid.

I think we all live a fast paced life and often it is filled with stress. I truly believe that this was the cause of why my thyroid stopped functioning properly. I had a major family crisis and it lingered for months. I was a nervous wreck daily! That is when I started noticing that I didn't feel right physically. I then found out that my thyroid wasn't working the way it should.

Underactive Thyroid Diet and Feel Better

Many people have found great success in helping their underactive thyroid function by supplying certain essential vitamins and minerals to their diet. I'm sure you have heard the success stories before and now you are interested in trying it yourself.

Learn what foods help thyroid problems and follow an underactive thyroid diet. It isn't always easy to go on a diet, but this is a small price to pay for changing the way you feel.

If you are a fan of fast food, soda, or junk foods in general, you will be amazed at how much better you will feel if you just drop those things from your diet. Those will be the hardest to part with! Try for a couple of weeks and you will feel so much better you will be ready to take on another thyroid diet challenge. Little steps at a time will make it much easier.

Underactive Thyroid Diet
Underactive Thyroid Diet


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