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Understanding How Compression Socks Can Help You

Updated on March 26, 2014

There has been some talk about compression stockings lately. There are assertations that these socks may be a big help to those people with moderate to substantial blood circulation problems. This development is ideal for any body who is suffering from a medical problem that negatively impacts the body's ability to circulate blood. Those who have heart complications, or who've been diagnosed with diabetes, could help prevent symptoms that often times come about as a consequence of improper circulation of blood.

What do compression socks provide? The name says it all. Either in stocking form constricting the legs, or perhaps in sock form compressing the ankles, compression socks slow down the flow of blood to all the lower limbs. When you initially look at it, it may not add up. Besides, just how could something that slows blood circulation help somebody's total circulation? Many people with poor flow of blood have little to no difficulty getting blood to move toward the lower limbs, which include the feet and lower legs. The problems occur when it is time for one's blood to be returned once more into the body and up towards the heart. Usually this is caused by the pull of gravity, one thing no one among us are able to avoid. While it's true compression foot wear do constrict the veins toward that exterior portion of your limbs, it lets the inner arteries to bring blood back to an individual's heart. This is one way compression socks help strengthen your over all circulatory well-being.

What are some conditions that can come to pass because of poor blood flow and circulation? The chief health problem that develops is blood pooling, while alone isn't going to cause much long term harm, besides pains and unnatural bruising. It's what may develop as a result of pooling that is of concern to many people who have these health issues. For instance, while blood pools, a regular occurrence is for the blood to begin to clot. Contrary to blood pooling, a clot can lead to a couple of particularly serious even deadly health conditions, like cardiac arrest or stroke. If a blood clot happens to be lodged inside a vein or artery may well compromise the flow of blood to certain body parts. It's one of the leading reasons behind amputation in people with diabetes as well as others suffering from similar health conditions.

As you have seen, low circulation can cause some pretty horrendous problems. That is the main reason exactly why compression stockings are now so sought-after in the medical community. They're not a magic remedy but they are a fairly basic and practical alternative which might be easily used by just about anyone. Compression socks and stockings are available almost anywhere, particularly if you are searching online. An additional plus is the fact that they have zero adverse effects, unlike countless prescription drugs.

If you think that compression stockings can be just for your medical needs and are all for wanting to learn additional information, remember to go over it with your health care provider. He or she will be able to direct you toward the proper direction as well as offer their views to what type of compression hose is going to help the best. There are a great many different kinds of this type of medical footwear and hearing the advice of one's doctor is one thing that's most important.


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    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 

      8 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      I found your hub to be informative and enlightening.

      I will rate up. Keep writing - good job!


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