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Understanding Obesogens.

Updated on June 7, 2012

Obesogens are foreign chemicals that disturb the development and the balance of lipid metabolism and in turn cause obesity. These obesogens mechanisms alter many things such as metabolic sensors, regulatory system that controls your weight by increasing the fat cells that you have and burning few calories to name a few. Obesogens make the liver insulin resistant and this makes the pancreas produce more insulin and then it is turned into fat and blocks the hormone that reduces appetite from secreted which makes you feel hungry all the time.

Where to find obesogens in your house?

1. Plastic- almost all plastic containers have BPA (Bisphenol A) and PVC written under them the higher the number the more obesogens, it’s better to buy with the lowest number or even try to avoid plastic containers. Avoid anything that is plastic such as plastic water bottles, plastic shower curtains.

2. Food- try to avoid canned food at all times because they the cans contain BPA, avoid food that is wrapped with plastic. Yes it sounds crazy because most foods are in plastic wraps but the very aware of what you are buying and when buying meat at the butcher ask them to wrap the meat in the brown paper remember that brown paper they used to wrap meat, yes that one is good for you.

3. Tap Water- contains obesogens because of pesticides in the soil find their way into the water table then straight to tap. So it is advisable to get yourself a filter if you can’t afford to buy bottled water this way you can filter your water before you drink.

4. High Fructose Corn Syrup- now this is found in a lot of food such as sodas, pretzels and yoghurt even bread.

5. Farm fish- fish that is farmed is more dangerous than fresh fish from the sea for example Salmon that is from the farm it is white in colour so it is later sprayed with sea salmon colour before sent to your nearest supermarkets and in your eyes the farmed salmon and sea salmon are the same colour.

Remember when microwaving use a glass container instead of a plastic and mothers when buying feeding bottles for your beautiful and innocent infants check under the bottles if the number is higher like a 7 do not buy rather look for healthier feeding bottles.

Obesogens cause obesity by taking over your body and re-programming the way your body should work and causing a cycle that is harmful to your health. So maybe it’s not the burger that you ate yesterday it might as well be obesogens storing everything as fat.

Beware of everything you eat, drink and use around you home.


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    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      Some useful information in here. Nothing beats exercising regularly. And eating plenty of natural foods and not so many cooked processed foods. Great hub!

    • michememe profile image

      Miche Wro 5 years ago

      This is really interesting, but it almost seems as if you have to avoid everything. I often wondered about the plastic bottles and can foods and sodas. I appreciate you writing this hub. Very interesting.