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Unexplained Diseases And Disorders

Updated on July 28, 2014


Humans have come a long way in terms of medicine. We are able to identify illnesses by looking at the virus or bacteria's DNA and RNA strands. We can also find patterns to mutations rates and speculate how quickly the virus or bacteria will spread by looking at the infection rates. This is also how we plan out flu shots every year. We look at the viruses which are spreading quickly and has the opportunity to infect various types of people and can do damage. We are able to make vaccinations to prevent the spread of some of the deadly diseases like Polio to the point where it is a rare occurrence within a highly vaccinated country for somebody to get the disease. Even if they have the disease, medicine has gotten so powerful that if the person was in good shape before sickness, there is a good chance that they will pull out of it with minimal permanent damage.

However, even today there are some diseases and disorders that are still a mystery to this day. This is driven researchers to focus on finding cause even through they have been unable to do so. This is what this paper will be about. Five unexplained diseases and disorders and the most recent speculation of what is really happening.


Disease or Disorder: It's in debate rather it is a debate or disorder however what is known is that has a bacterium basis

Number of Infected:13,000 reported throughout the world although its estimated to be more

Fatal or non-fatal: Non-fatal

Main Theory suggested: The main theory is that victims are suffering from a mental condition and that Morgellons is all in their minds.

Morgellons is illness that is most known for little multi-colored fibers coming out of the skin. Some report also having seed-shaped and sized granules. The person will start with just feeling the common aliments of sickness: fever, fatigue, headaches, some experience nausea to the point where they cannot eat. They also experience joint pain and even problems with their brain including not being to concentrate and loss of memory.

Most of the victims have open sores although there has been cases where there is no open wounds to be seen on the body but most of the time Morgellons is seen with big cuts and scrapes.

Many people consider this to be a psychological problem, saying that the symptoms with joint pain and fatigue could just be symptoms of a infection that a person developed with an open wound. The fibers could be just clothing or bedding fiber that had gotten into the wound and the victim just assumed that the fiber came out of their skin. They also say the reason why the victims still report having it months and years after the intitial sight, is because they tricked their minds into believing the fibers are really coming out of their body. Therefore what the patients need is therapy and possibly drugs.

However, with more and more people reporting about the fibers, and sometimes more than one person in a family comes forward with it, scientists are trying to figure out if this illness is really psychological or real. They have found no history mental illnesses within the victims, there is no link that can unite all the victims, and the symptoms are still puzzling and effecting their lives.

They started to do research on the fabrics themselves to see where the fabric is coming from. In the video you will see, a laboratory used an fbi fiber database to test which fiber it is and when they got the result, there is no match. So this brings up an interesting idea, can the body itself make a fiber material or is it just clothing that got into cuts that use fibers not yet on the database?

They are also testing the people who have this illness and discovered bacteria that is not usually found on people but instead found on insects and animals. This brings a question on rather the victims of Morgellons have just a weakened skin immunity to bacteria and it caused a bad infection that causes all the symptoms.

So far the treatment looks bleak. Anti-bacterial pills seem to work the best but without knowing what type of bacteria it is, the victims have to take take four of five different anti-bacterial pills due to how many different bacterium there are.

It is hard to get grants to fund the research due to a majority believing it's psychological. So it has a bad rep and a lot of people are afraid to come forward with these symptoms because they do not want to be considered mentally-ill. The CDC has recently become involved in discovering what Morgellons is and how to cure it so hopefully soon this will not be on this list.


Encephalitis lethargica

Disease or Disorder: Disease

Number Infected: Unknown

Fatal or non-fatal: used to be fatal, now non-fatal

Main theory: The disease is an acute form of Encephalitis and although there is no information on what causes it, there is drugs that decrease the symptoms quickly. There is also another rumor that it the 1919 Influenza plaque mutated from it although no real linkage has yet to be seen. There is also the streptococcal infection theory which is being looked into as well.

Encephalitis lethergica is a bizarre illness because the symptoms include falling asleep at random times or completely freezing up leaving the person unable to move. The symptoms start with the common cold. They squeeze, they cough, they have problems eating and drinking, and are lethargic. Throughout history, there has been a series of outbreaks followed by the mysterious illness to vanish. The last one was at the peak of World War One just brings the question could it just be that everybody was so overworked and stressed out that they weren't sleeping? It has been proven that if a person does not allow himself to sleep they will fall into a series of quick naps followed by falling asleep even when their eyes are open and finally will lead to a coma.

After the war the illness suddenly disappeared and everybody thought it was never going to come back. However a small amount of cases had been popping up lately and most tied to a acute form of Parkinson called Post-Encephalitis Parkinson Disease.

Symptoms include: falling asleep, freezing, behavioral changes, hysteria, and flu-like symptoms.

It is more prevalent in males between twenty and thirty-five.

The fact that the disease can only be diagnosed by ruling out other possible diseases is said to be the reason why there is no real known numbers of those infected with this disease. In fact to many, they still believe that this was an illness of the past and the ones who are suffering today have an entirely different disease.

No known cure is seemed to be found during research however hospital stay and constant watch under doctor's eyes and medicine seem to help in some cases.


Exploding Head Syndrome

Disease or Disorder: Disorder

Number of people infected: unknown

Fatal or non-fatal: non-fatal

Main Theory: Stress can cause so much on the body that they look for other stresses that will be less crucial in their life and the booms distracts them from what really is scaring or stressing them. Another big theory is that for some reason right when you are ready for sleep, your body is not fully in the sleep state yet. This causes a friction in the axons in the brain which can lead to the perceptiveness of hearing a loud boom.

Exploding Head symptom is when a person hears a bomb or a loud blast going off when there is nothing around that could have caused the blast. The sounds are usually heard before going to bed, during sleep, or right when you wake up.

The syndrome only includes hearing a loud bang that is generally painless. Sometimes they will see a flash of light. Other times, they will feel very little pain, usually a headache. There is no other physiological signs if this disorder. There is nothing to support that this affects the victim'd life or health in any way.

Even through there are theories about the causes, they is no real cause or cure for this disorder. The victim might benefit from learning about the diagnosis so they know that nothing is wrong.

Nodding Disease

Disease or Disorder: Disease

Number Infected: Over 3,000 based on 2011 statistics. The number is expected to be higher although no information is to be found for 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Fatal or non-fatal: Fatal

Main theories: Malnutrition and parasitic worm Onchocerciasis is the biggest lead that scientists have at the moment. Other theories include a darker possibility of a biochemical weapon

Nodding Disease was first reported in the 1960s and has slowly started to spread. So far only four African countries are said to be effected, and of the four, only random small cities are reporting the disease. Nodding Disease only effects children aged five to fifteen on average and spreads from child to child very quickly.

Symptoms: A nodding-like seizure is one of the most prominent symptom. A child will just nod his head over and over again as he goes into seizures. Over a while, the child stops walking, stops eating, stops talking, they just lay on their bed. If they do talk it is full of hallucination and nonsense which suggests severe brain damage. There also seems to be evidence of stunting of growth. So a fourteen year old child might be the same size as she was when she first started getting her symptoms a year or two ago.

Although there is no well-known cause for this illness, there has been a promising treatment. It was found that if the nodding seizures could be stopped than the child can go back to his or her normal state (of course this depends on amount of brain damage). The child will be like most coma-patients would be like after waking up, they would need to be trained how to walk, talk, feed themselves, dress themselves, and talk again which can take months to fully accomplish.


Spontaneous Combustion

Disease or Disorder: Disease

Number Infected: 200 people in 300 years

Fatal or non-fatal: Fatal with rare occurrence of survival

Main Theories: Dropping a cigarette on flammable clothing, high amount of alcohol in the stomach mixed in with methane gas builds and ignites the alcohol causing an explosion. there is also a theory of an axon malfunction that disrupted the electricity flow of the body causing a fire. It has also been caused to happen due to a lighting bolt.

Spontaneous Combustion is when a person catches on fire internally. Most of the fatal occurrences happen when the person is sleeping or sitting down. The flames are so powerful that usually from the stomach upwards, the person is burnt to a crisp however their legs and arms as well as the environment around them are left untouched.

Even through the causes are unknown, most spontaneous combustion victims have reported to be a heavy drinkers, have limited mobility, middle aged or older, and are overweight. It is speculated that the reason why they burnt was because they were either sleeping or they couldn't move to put themselves out.

For those who survived, they did not share the same conditions. Not all of them are alcoholics or at least admit it, some are skinny and some are fat, some are young and some are not. However all of the survivors have something in common. They are were mobile. Also they all said that they did not know they were on fire when it happened. It was not until somebody pointed it out that they realized. The survivors all seemed to quickly engulf themselves in water, either from garden hoses, swimming pools, or showers and that saved their lives.

The fact that they didn't feel any pain makes it clear why all of the fatal victims didn't wake up or didn't scream or call for help. It almost seem like the nerves were injured during the fire.

Usually Spontaneous Combustion is diagnosed after all possible fire ignition is ruled out. It is also have a very certain smell involved as well as oily ashes. There is no cure and no real reason why a person would just burn.

Like I said before, a lot just think that the person happened to just drop a cigarette or a cigar or was just sitting too close to the heater or the fireplace. Others believe that our bodies has the capability to cause this its just getting a wire wrong or eating the wrong substance. Perhaps this one would forever be hold in mystery because of the rarity of it and how much destruction it does to the body.

In Conclusion

These are five of the most unknown diseases that are unknown. I left a lot out due to isolated events or vanished illnesses that have not been seen for centuries on top of centuries. Some diseases that should also be looked into is the English Sweating Sickness which had three major outbreaks of people sweating to death between 1485 and 1551. Once the symptoms show, death happened within a couple of hours. Also we have the Dancing Disease where during the midevil period, people would break out into dance and will not stop until they drop dead. This was originally blamed on witchcraft. No known cause for this illness is know and this illness had never recurred.


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    • dilipchandra12 profile image

      Dilip Chandra 

      4 years ago from India

      Good to know the same, info is useful to me... A good hub and a good share.


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