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Unfog the Brain - Eliminate Mercury

Updated on July 4, 2009

Achieving Clarity of Thought

The accumulation of mercury and other toxins in the body happens over time and far more frequently than we realize. Most specifically, the sources of this mercury are from things we've been taught to trust. Fluoridated toothpaste is one such example.

Due to the FDA's support of our pharmaceutical companies and other big business, getting the fluoride out of our toothpaste and water is not happening tomorrow. Filtering our home's water system and using non-fluoridated toothpaste will achieve wonders, if we're willing to make the transition. Tom's makes a toothpaste without fluoride and is readily available at most drug stores in the United States. Speaking of teeth, those dental fillings are loaded with mercury. If we think those fillings aren't interfering with our clarity of thought, we should think again. Some more enterprising people have opted to remove those fillings in the pursuit of maintaining a cleaner intestinal tract. This has proven to hold long term benefit.

Mercury is also actively present in most fish. Some fish, however, have more mercury than others. Salmon and tuna are two such contenders. However, the Omega3 found in both fish makes them desirable for other reasons. It's advised for those with a condition most readily affected by mercury accumulation, such as autism or cerebral palsy, to limit their intake of these fish and take fish oil supplements instead. Definitely take the supplements as Omega3 holds promising benefit for healthy brain development and function.

When next due for a cooking binge, consider the cookware being used. Those Teflon pans come with residue that's highly toxic and are no doubt contributing to an increased mercury intake. While Teflon is indeed easier to clean, using it comes with a cost. Consider returning to older models, whose durability includes less toxicity in food.

As many of us have been actively utilizing methods that contribute to increased mercury intake, we would be wise to make a clean slate as we transition to a healthier course. Chelatin therapy is a natural way of removing these bodily toxins, which can lead to healthier cognition, productivity and clarity of thought. Less expensive options include supplementing one's diet with seaweed, such as modifilan ( or Pectasol, made by EcoNugenics. These allow for natural removal of the build-up of toxins. Be aware, however, that chelatin therapy of any sort does deplete the body of minerals. It's important when investing in these therapies to replenish what's been disposed of, least one finds themselves nutrient-deficient.

Please note that the above is not to be construed as medical advice. Seek the direction of a naturopath for proper administration of chelatin therapy for your individual needs.


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