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Unique Baby Shower Games: Family Name Meanings

Updated on April 8, 2009

I hosted my best friends baby shower for her second child. I didn't have a lot of money at the time so I wanted to come up with unique baby shower games to present to the guests since I really didn't have a lot of money to purchase store bought baby shower games.

The family meaning baby shower game I created took a little bit of research but the response from the guests was very favorable. It's a game that is not easy for everyone, that not many have an advantage on, and that can be played by both men and women as well as the younger crowd, as long as they can read.

The Name Meaning Baby Shower Game

You will need to have access to a printer and either a word or excel program to create the game. Save and paste in some baby shower related graphics to make the page look pretty.

On a printed piece of paper you have the names of the mom and the dad, their middle names, and the names of family members and friends. This will all be listed on the left side of the page, each name with a number before it. On the right side of the page you will have the name meanings for each of the names in a mixed on the list with a letter of the alphabet before it.

Your guests are then given 5 minutes to go through the list and try to match the correct name meaning to the names. Because I didn't want a huge list, I choose to do mine with mom and dads first and middle names as well as the names of all the children in their familys under 10. You may have to speak with some people in the family if your not sure of names.

  • This is the game sheet. Make enough copies so that you will have one piece of paper for each person that attends. Be sure to print a few extra for family and friends that bring guests.
  • Make sure that you also have an answer key on hand to check for correct answers after the game is gone. Easiest way to read of the correct answers and ask everyone to keep track of how many they got right. Prize goes to the winner.

How To Find Name Meanings

There are limitless websites that have the meaning for names. Sometimes you will have to use full names for those that go by a shorter version. For example, a friend that goes by Tasia, will actually have the name meaning of Anastasia, the full name of it.

Do a google search for name meanings. I had to use at least 4 different websites to be able to find everyones name. Some are tough. Some websites give different meanings for the same name. Keep searching and try and find the meaning that is most commonly given for that name.


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