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Unique Dieting and Exercise Tips

Updated on August 25, 2014

Intermittent Juice Fasting Can Jumpstart A Diet

When starting a diet some people need a unique way to get going and a juice fast may be just the right fit to get you in the proper frame of mind.Of course you would pick vegetable juice over fruit juice to keep the sugar content down.

If you can start out with an intermittent 7 day juice fast this would be best to really pump up your enthusiasm and get you off to a good start. Lots of water and the vegetable juice should make it so you don't feel unbearable hunger pangs. You should also take a multiple vitamin and prepare yourself to start taking herbs and supplements as little helpers because they really do work in helping to regulate your metabolism and supply you with vital nutrients.

Exercise will also help but may be a struggle at first so if you want to wait until you're well on your way with the diet once the fast is finished that will be okay too. This is something I have been doing most of my life (dieting) and it is not an easy thing I know. But over the years I have learned a few things that can be very helpful to the people that have no idea what a complex carbohydrate is, or how to really turn on the body's fat burning mode rather than being stuck in the fat storing mode.

The advice and tips I'm going to share with you will truly help you get started, and with the right lifestyle changes you're going to have to make of the long term course of this diet will truly help you keep the weight off.

Some other good aids to help you with this diet are to be hypnotized or if you can find one is to listen to a subliminal tape recording that has a message that is masked. And of course you will have to be open to outside forces in order for these aids to work. Myself, I prefer the subliminal tape because you only have to pay for it once but can get unlimited uses out of it if you find yourself slipping often, which is not hard to do when you're on a diet.

You may even encounter people that may want to secretly sabotage you so you fail because of some sort of personality defect they may have within themselves or they could just be jealous.


Breaking The Juice Fast

Now that you have completed a juice fasting period of your choice it's time to develop some good healthy eating habits but first we must break the fast in a healthy way as to not strain the body's digestive system . To break this juice fast you should start by eating nothing but some low calorie soups and spike the soup with a product called brewers yeast.

Before there was protein weight lifters and bodybuilders used brewers yeast a product high in amino acids and minerals. The best on the market is from a company called Lewis Labs. Amino acids are the body's building blocks and will definitely repair a damaged body.

So for the next 7 days you'll eat nothing but low calorie soups spiked with brewers yeast while also taking a good multiple vitamin with the meal. This should start to give you more than enough energy to start throwing in some exercise. So start preparing your mind for the exercise phase while you eat your spiked soup and don't forget to take your multi vitamin.


Start Your Exercise Regimen

Okay are you ready? Lets start exercising a little. It's nothing heavy or fancy but just enough to get the mind more and more enthused about our weight loss and exercise regimen.When I say a little I mean a little, but we are going to do it everyday without fail. And no matter what we must do it everyday to get into a habit.

As we move along we will slowly kick things up a notch with different variations of weight bearing body exercises like situps, pushups, and jumping jacks and the like, but not until we start walking to increase our heart rate.

So the first thing you want to do so you can exercise with a creative twist, is to get some ankle weights for both your arms and legs. Get a set of 5 lbs. for your legs and a 10 lb. adjustable set for your arms. You should be able to get everything you need cheap at Walmart.

Next is to find a place where you can gauge your activity which is going to be walking with these weights on your arms and legs (start with 6 lbs.on your arms) while you count the number of laps you'll be doing each and every day. Remember when I said nothing heavy just easy? Start the walk and do as many laps as you can and when you feel you can't go on stop and remember how many laps you did.

Now tomorrow when you do it your goal will be to be to walk just one more lap than you did the day before. That's all you have to do is increase one lap each day until you get to where you're walking for at least one hour. As you walk start using the weights on your arms. Lift them over your head, hold em down by your sides and try to lift your arms out slowly creating resistance. hold em out by your sides and rotate them in a circular motion first forwards and then backwards. Create sets of ten for each exercise. Or be creative with those ankle weights any way you can.

Burning Extra Calories And Having Fun

You can burn extra calories throughout the day by wearing ankle weights on your arms and legs. When you're ready to exercise your arms put on some good dancing music and work it. Or if you prefer go for a walk. The more weight resistance you have the better your body can metabolize fat.


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