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Unique Push Up Variations

Updated on June 13, 2011

Push Ups for a Better Body

The reality is that bodyweight exercises are very powerful but unfortunately we don't use them as much as we should. Using gravitational forces as an aid, our bodyweight acts as an excellent source of resistance we can use to put together effective workouts.

Over the years, thousands of people have successfully used push ups to develop their muscular strength. This is because they help develop endurance and strength in your upper body. They help build muscles in your chest, shoulders and triceps group.

Problems arise, however, when you spend a long time doing the same regular push ups over and over again. You end up hitting what's called a plateau where your muscles get used to the exercise and stop developing. To prevent this, you have to add some variation into your routine. I have put together a list of push up variations you can try that will challenge you in a whole new way.

Push Up Demonstration

Here are two of the variations:

Push Up with Medicine Ball

This is an excellent push up modification because it adds an element of stabilization and balance into the mix. Furthermore, medicine balls allow you to experience a greater range of motion per repetition. A greater range in motion results in the muscles being induced to more stress. This causes muscles to experience greater growth. With the addition of a medicine ball, get into your regular push up position. Perform a repetition with one hand on the medicine ball. After the first rep, roll the medicine ball slowly to your opposite hand where you are to perform another repetition. Continue rolling the ball from hand to hand for the entire set.


T Push Up

Of all push up variations, this one tops my list. It works well because it adds balance and stabilization into the mix. Begin the same way you would a regular push up. Explode up (as if you're trying to push the ground away) and turn your body to one side. You should be balancing on your hand and the side of your lower foot. As you extend the other hand up above you, your body should resemble the letter T. Twist back to face forward as you come down and perform the same thing on the other side.

If you're searching for a more extensive list of modifications, you should check out these authentic push up variations. It's important to always add some variation to your push up routine so your body is constantly challenged.



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    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      I'd love to try these, but my regular pushups still need work. Voting this Up and Useful.