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List of Jobs for People with Physical Disabilities

Updated on December 31, 2016

Physically Disabled

The physically disabled individuals are people too, and should also be treated with respect. Some physically disabled people were not always physically challenged their whole lives, but some are. Many people that are physically disabled have become disabled in different ways. There are disabled individuals who have been hit with an unexpected disability, such as: ♦ ♦ strokes, type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, through car accidents, other physical accidents, by gun-shot womb damage, through drug abuse, physical abuse, physical attack, weight gain, old age, cancer, and other reasons. ♦ ♦ These unexpected disabilities may have not always been a part of that individuals life. With many of physical disabilities, some of them are temporary with the help of a Physical Therapist. Disabilities that require rehabilitation and physical therapy can possibly have the individual back to being non-disabled.

The things that can cause a stroke: high blood pressure, very high temperature heat, and numbness and paralysis on one side of a person's body. There are things that can cause a stroke, like: eating pork for many years, high blood pressure, eating fast foods often, drinking alcohol often, and high levels of stress. And then there's type 2 diabetes, this disease can come about by NOT eating healthy foods more than unhealthy foods, including the lack of regular exercise. With diabetes, individuals have to exercise regularly, have a healthy diet, and have proper doctor checkups and examinations.

Causes of Physical Disabilities
Causes of Physical Disabilities

Interacting with the Physically Disabled

Orthopedic Disabilities

Another cause of a physical disability is rheumatoid arthritis; I know this one quite well. This illness affected my grandmother when she was about 75-88 years of age. She was referred to a specialist orthopedic doctor, appointments that I would take her to nearly every month. Her orthopedic doctor would aspirate her swollen joints with a syringe needle to get the inflammation out of her aching joints. She had arthritis off and on, which means the arthritis came and went frequently. On some days she would feel extreme pain in her knees, hands, and shoulders. And on other days she wouldn't feel any arthritis pain at all. She would visit her bone doctor once or twice a month. And her doctor would use a syringe to drain the fluid from her knees, so that she could walk better with less pain. At that time my grandmother walked with a walker or a cane. By her later years she would want to ride in her wheel-chair, from time to time, being that the arthritis was not affecting her every day. The arthritis wasn't hurting her on some days, and then it would come back again on other days. But eventually she was bound to a wheel-chair permanently. And I personally wanted her to feel comfortable in her golden years. And I did as much as I could for her, to the best of my ability. When I would visit my grandmother, I would ask God to "give me strength." I needed mental strength, yes I did. I had to cook, clean, lift her and sat her on the potty, bathe her, groom her hair and clothes, take her to many of her appointments, and any other things she would have me to do. I just wanted to make sure she was comfortable. My grandmother had all the fruits of the spirit, and I admire her for that. She took good care of me emotionally, when I needed her through the years of my growing up. So to me this was give and take, sowing and reaping.

Show Attention to People With Special Needs

All physical disabilities are different and require love, attention, acknowledgment, and a helping hand. Furthermore, we all know there are people with permanent physical disabilities. All types of disability patients need attention and care, including mental disabilities as well. Do you do helpful and nice things for disabled people? Try to do an act of kindness for a disabled person this week. Besides, many of them did not expect to be disabled people. Many of the physically disabled are a major part of society, and we can learn from them if we allow ourselves to do so.

There are famous and very active physically disabled people, such as: actors, singers, entertainers, poets, athletes, employees, CEOs, comedians, and much more.

Jobs for People with Physical Disabilities

There are many jobs for people with physical disabilities. Working at an office desk is one of them, an office job may consist of; typing, data entry, filing, faxing, copying, scanning, printing, answering phones, greeting customers, and other general office tasks. But not all jobs for the physically disabled are office jobs; there are many other jobs to be applied for as well. Most of the time when disabled person is on the job, they may need accommodations to make their work much easier and convenient. More jobs for people with physical disabilities I hope this article made you see the physically disabled in a brighter light, take care and enjoy life.

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